Flu Study

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Flu Study


Do you have a temperature, runny nose, feeling achy?

Think it might be the flu?

Want to know if medication will help you or your child?

Participate in a Clinical Trial

  • It’s free (You will be compensated for your time)
  • Help combat antibiotic resistance
  • Participation is voluntary and involves one visit and one phone call

All participants that are eligible and complete the testing are entitled to a Coles & Myer gift voucher to compensate their time.

To see if you are eligible complete the questionnaire or call the Clinical Trials Centre on 07 5456 3797.

Full title: A Prospective Multi-Centre Study of the ellume·lab Flu A+B Test and iTreat Flu A+B Flu Test Performance versus Viral Culture and Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction.

Ethics approval – Bellberry Limited

If you experience difficulty completing the survey please email trials@usc.edu.au

1. Do you have flu-like symptoms?
2. Have you had a temperature of 37.8 oC (or higher) or felt feverish within the past 24 hours?
3. Do you have a runny nose?
4. Have you had flu like symptoms such as nasal congestion with or without fever, cough, sore throat, headache or aches/pains within the last 3 days?
5. Have you received treatment with Tamiflu, Relenza or Symmetral within the last 7 days?
6. Have you received vaccination using a nasal spray/mist vaccine with the last 7 days?
7. Have you had any craniofacial injury or surgery within the last 6 months?
8. Have you been enrolled in another clinical trial or used any investigational device within the last 30 days?
10. Are you willing to collect a nasal swab specimen from your own nose and self-test using the iTreat Flu A+B test?
11. Are you willing to have a nasal swab taken?
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