Woodford Folk Festival

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Woodford Folk Festival


USC is a proud sponsor of Woodford Folk Festival

An event of international standing, the Woodford Folk Festival is on from 27 December through to 1 January. There'll be hundreds of performers and events featuring local, national and international guests.

The festival program features concerts, dances, street theatre, writers’ panels, film festival, comedy sessions, acoustic jams, social dialogue and debate, folk medicine, an entire children’s festival, an environmental program featuring talks, debates and films, art and craft workshops, circus performances and workshops, late-night cabarets, parades and special events including a spectacular fire event.

It's a place where artists inspire, community spirit engulfs and life memories are made.

This year at Woodford USC will team up with USC Honorary Doctorate recipient Dr Karl Kruszelnicki for Dark Matters and Smashing Ideas, a series of talks that pick apart life's thorniest scenarios.

Led by Dr Karl, these panel discussions will dig deeper into some of our most pressing social issues, from climate change to health to sustainable agriculture. USC experts will be on hand to share what their research tells us about where we’re at – and where we’re going.

We hope you'll join us.

Good Reef!
Wednesday 28 December, 11am, GREENhouse

2016 wasn’t a great year for the Great Barrier Reef. So what does the future hold for Australia’s most-loved natural wonder (and most recent political football)? Join Dr Karl, coastal geographer Dr Javier Leon  and sustainable tourism expert Dr Gayle Mayes for an honest look at what we need to do to save the Reef – and what will happen if we don’t. Get ready for a frank discussion on how climate change will impact tourism, public policy, the economy and our living standards, not to mention biodiversity and the natural environment.

Back from the Future: the End of Antibiotics
Friday 30 December, 11am, GREENhouse

What do we do when most infections can kill? Dr Karl, microbiologist Dr David McMillan and nursing researcher Dr Julie Hanson discuss the challenges of a post-antibiotic world. Will we develop new antibiotics? How do we increase the community’s health literacy around infectious diseases? Has the profit margin contributed to this potential calamity, and what are pharmaceutical companies doing to combat antibiotic resistance? Join us for an inside look at the fight to future-proof medical science.

Primed for Time Travel
Saturday 31 December, 11am, GREENhouse

If you could go back in time, would you change the course of human history? And would the benefits outweigh the risks? In this session Dr Karl will be joined by engineer Dr Helen Fairweather and psychologist Dr Rachael Sharman to discuss the mechanics of time travel – and the potential perils of thinking you can outsmart the past. Whether you believe in a consistent universe or an ever-changing timeline, don’t miss this brain-bending panel.

Coffee and Cocaine
Sunday 1 January, 11am, GREENhouse

This dynamic session will explore the future of agriculture through some of the world’s most heavily trafficked commodities: coffee and cocaine. Dr Karl, political scientist Bronwyn Stevens and community development expert Dr Lila Singh-Peterson will explain the links between free trade, public policy and food security, with a focus on how luxury consumption in the West influences agricultural production in developing nations. The session will also touch on how agriculture policy impacts the illicit drug trade, and the economic arguments around medicinal and recreational drug use in an increasingly globalised marketplace.

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