Raising the Bar Public Lecture Series

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Raising the Bar Public Lecture Series


Satisfy your thirst for knowledge over a drink at the Buderim Tavern.

These free public lectures showcase how university research is improving people's lives. You'll hear from USC researchers who are experts in their field, and learn how the work being done in lecture theatres and labs is having a real impact in our community.

Topic 1: Marine predators as climate sentinels

Marine predators such as seabirds, seals, whales, sharks and turtles spend their lives in the oceans, and respond in many different ways to changes in the physical environment. We can now track the movements of marine predators using satellite and 'biologging' technologies, giving us a window into their world. What can marine predators tell us about the state of the oceans? How can we use marine predator movement data to improve our understanding of the effects of climate change in oceanic systems?

Presenter: Dr Kylie Scales

Dr Kylie Scales is an ecologist with broad, inter-disciplinary interests in biogeography, spatial ecology and conservation biology. Taking a quantitative and computational approach to ecology, Dr Scales has active research interests in movement ecology and species distribution modelling. She has specific expertise in using the R programming language to answer ecological questions, and in using animal tracking and biologging technologies together with satellite remote sensing to study the ecology of highly mobile marine species.

Topic 2: "Climate Change and our Biophysical Environment"
Presented by: Dr Javier Leon and Dr David Schoeman

Our biophysical environment is changing at unprecedented rates due to an exponential growing human population putting pressure and impacting finite resources. This public lecture will discuss, through local and global case studies, the main impacts, current trajectories and future environmental scenarios as we head into one of the most challenging times our society has faced. Dr Schoeman is an ecologist researching and quantifying ecological consequences of climate change and is one of Australia’s delegates at the IPCC AR6 Scoping Meeting. Dr Leon is a physical geographer researching links between morphology, ecology and management in the current changing climate and sea-level rise context.

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For further information email: engagement@usc.edu.au

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