Raising the Bar: Sustainability for the 21st century

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Raising the Bar: Sustainability for the 21st century

In a changing world, humans rely on the natural environment to sustain our industries and livelihoods – with sometimes mixed results.

What does the future hold? From animal ecology to ecotourism, hear from USC experts about the challenges and opportunities of the relationship between industry and the environment.

Topic 1:  Sex in the city: How human noise impacts animals’ lives

Noisy neighbours? Try being an urban-dwelling bird. Since the industrial revolution, humans have drastically altered the earth’s soundscape. For wildlife, this increase in noise – specifically the noise from air, ground and sea traffic, as well as industry – has presented a major challenge for survival and reproduction.

USC Lecturer in Animal Ecology Dr Dominique Potvin will share her research on the effects of human-generated noise on birds, and how birds are adjusting to these new acoustic environments by changing their behaviours, physiology and even genetics.

Presenter: Dr Dominique Potvin

Dr Dominique Potvin is a lecturer in Animal Ecology at USC’s Fraser Coast campus.

After completing her Bachelor’s and Masters’ degrees in Science in Canada, she obtained her PhD from the University of Melbourne in 2012 studying noise impacts on Australian songbirds.

Dominique’s research interests encompass the far-ranging effects of human impacts on animals, as well as the evolution of learned communication in wild bird populations.

She has completed research on these topics all over the world, including completing fieldwork for Museums and Universities in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Finland.

Dominique is currently an Associate Editor for the scientific journal Emu- Austral Ornithology, and an Outreach officer for the Australasian Society for the Study of Animal Behaviour.

Topic 2: The future of tourism on the Fraser Coast

In the age of big data and the ‘Internet of Things’, tourists increasingly expect innovative, authentic and personalised travel experiences and products. As international travel becomes more accessible, the global tourism industry is growing rapidly, which creates opportunities for new to promise unique and exciting experiences at more affordable prices.

These new entrants are attracting tourists at twice the rate of the established destinations, and communities must compete fiercely to protect their share of the global tourist market.

Survival requires an innovative approach to creating sustainable tourism products that will secure the future of the local community.

In this discussion, USC Lecturer in Tourism Shahab Pourfakhimi will explore the potential of the Fraser Coast region to target other specialised tourism markets, in order to secure our competitiveness on a global scale.

Presenter: Mr Shahab Pourfakhimi

Mr Shahab Pourfakhimi commenced with the School of Business in the role of lecturer, Tourism, Leisure and Event Management in March, 2017.

Shahab is based at USC's Fraser Coast campus. Shahab is the social media editor of the Journal of Sustainable Tourism.

His current PhD candidature focuses on studying consumers’ hotel selection behaviour with a focus on the impact of electronic word of mouth on their choice and decision-making.

Before joining USC, Shahab taught various tourism and hospitality courses at the University of Otago and Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand and worked in several research and industrial projects in New Zealand, Malaysia and Iran. He is currently leading a number of innovative eTourism consumer research projects collaborating with scholars from New Zealand, Malaysia and Australia.

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