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Research performance information


The Office of Research collects and analyses data on research performance measures. This enables statistical quantitative and qualitative analysis, performance benchmarking and stakeholder reporting to identify and strategically manage the University’s research strengths, capabilities and opportunities.

Research performance data is used for government funding schemes, as well as the assessment of USC's excellence in research.

Higher Education Research Data Collection

The data collected and reported through the Higher Education Research Data Collection (HERDC) is used to assess the relative research and research training performance of Australian universities and in turn drive allocation of Research Block Grants (RBG).

HERDC reporting is compiled annually covering both research income and research publications.

The collection of 2015 (HERDC 2016) research data is now open. University of the Sunshine Coast staff can view further information on the collection process on Blackboard (Research and Research Training > Performance Data > HERDC) (login required).

Excellence in Research for Australia

The Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) initiative aims to identify and promote excellence across research activity within Australian higher education institutions. It was run in 2010,2012 and in 2015. The 2015 ERA National Report has been published by the Australian Research Council.

USC staff can view further information on MYUSC (login required).

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Sustainable Research Excellence

The Sustainable Research Excellence in Universities (SRE) initiative addresses the gap in funding for the indirect costs of university research supported by Australian competitive grants and works to support universities build and maintain research excellence. SRE reporting involves a series of staff surveys.

Australian Bureau of Statistics Higher Education Research and Experimental Development Reporting

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Higher Education Research and Experimental Development Reporting involves biannual surveys to provide comprehensive data on Australia’s research and experimental development effort.

The reporting enables the nature and distribution of Australia's research activity to be monitored by government policy analysts and advisers to business, government and economists.

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Internal reports

The Office of Research prepares research performance data for a suite of internal USC reports. These include:

  • Faculty Quarterly Reports
  • Annual Reports
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Reports including:
    • Strategic Plan (SP), and
    • Top Level Plans (TLP)

Research repository

USC Research Bank is the institutional research repository for USC. It provides an open access showcase of the University’s scholarly research output ensuring research is made available to the local, national and international communities.

USC Research Bank is indexed by search engines, and is also indexed by the National Library of Australia’s TROVE. By making research easily accessible, it also facilitates collaboration between researchers.

USC staff (including visiting and adjunct academic staff) and students are welcome to submit contributions to USC Research Bank by emailing New staff can submit publication CVs to have their whole body of research publications added.

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Research Master

Research Master is the University corporate information system for research related activity. The system is used to provide statutory research reporting to the Department of Education and Training and data reports for monitoring research performance across corporate planning targets. The system manages data relating to:

  • Research projects and grants
  • Higher Degree Research (HDR) students
  • Research publications
  • Research ethics
  • USC Researchers

USC staff can view Research Master information on Blackboard (Research and Research Training > Research Master) (login required).

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Research codes

The Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC) is the collective name for a set of three related classifications developed for use in the measurement and analysis of research and experimental development undertaken in Australia and New Zealand.

The ANZSRC is jointly produced by the Australian Bureau of Statistics and Statistics New Zealand.


Research Information Analyst
Geraldine Fitzgerald
Tel: +61 7 5459 4417

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