Jackson Dickfos

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Jackson Dickfos


High school attended: North Lakes State College

Degree: Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Science (majoring in Sport Management).

Target graduation date: 2017

My journey: Graduated from High School in Brisbane at the end of 2013 and shot straight up here and started my degree at the beginning of 2014. Still live in Brisbane, commuting every day, but I assure you it’s well worth it.

Other: I was fortunate enough to receive the 2014 ANZ Bank Business Scholarship at the start of my degree, assisting with the financial load uni involves and releasing enough pressure off my parents shoulders.

Career aspirations: While my ultimate aspiration is to become a Nationwide Motivational Speaker, I can imagine I’ll have to achieve something more than my Queensland Certificate of Education and a degree from uni before people sit down and entirely respect my views on life. That ‘something more’ at the moment for me though, involves completing my Masters in Business, starting low in an up and coming company, doing the years, showing the loyalty, moving up the ladder, and eventually be running things one day as a CEO/CFO.

Why did you become an Ambassador? I found my love for public speaking and changing people’s perspectives on things can create instant enthusiasm and a unique positivity about things you can’t possibly fathom now. I found this love during my senior year at North Lakes State College where I was fortunate enough to captain a group of 320 students, all of whom became my friends, not just people I went to school with. These people will continue to be a part of my life for a very long time because of the bond we created and the experience we shared. I envisage this and will strive for this at USC. The size of any university may say that trying to create a similar bond is quite the mission impossible, but if history tells us anything, it’s to never rule out the underdog.

What do you like about USC? Suppose the better question would be, what don’t I like? To which I’d very easily answer, nothing. There really is nothing I don’t like and you’d have to be involved with this place to understand exactly why. We work hard here but we also love to have a good time, and the people that surround you at USC typify that mentality to a T. To get that work-life-enjoyment balance right is not only difficult but it is rare, which is why I believe what is being created around the lands of Sippy Downs is unique and something that can’t possibly be frowned upon by anyone. Camaraderie and bonding are the two things I like to live my life creating, and within a week at USC I realised I had found an organisation with the same vision and people with the same determination to make that happen.

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