Tanisha Watts

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Tanisha Watts


High school attended: Mackay Christian College

Degree: Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Social Science

Target graduation date: 2019

My journey: I graduated high school in 2013 and had a gap year where I worked two jobs in order to save to come and study a Bachelor of Laws/ Social Science at USC. I made the big move from the regional town of Mackay, North Queensland so I lived in student accommodation for the first two years of my degree.

Career aspirations: I am particularly interested in the area of family law. Having the ability to represent people who are going through a difficult time in their life and potentially making a big difference is something that I’m really passionate about. I would love to become a family law barrister and/or an independent children’s lawyer, and perhaps further down the track, a lecturer. 

Why did you become an Ambassador? I think a person’s personal choice of where they study is really important to their whole university experience. I certainly believe that USC offers a unique student experience, one that people should know about. I also love having the opportunity to share my journey with other people, especially if it helps them in some way.

What do you like about USC? I love the laid-back culture that the uni fosters. I also really like that they have smaller class sizes. Having experienced learning in both big and small institutions, I have found smaller to be better and more rewarding. The lecturers actually know you by name here and will stop and have a chat with you if you bump into them on campus, which is something I really appreciate. The location is something I like too.

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