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Ctrl your computer and Esc your mouse


How many times do you click your mouse in a day?

Ergonomists say that repetitive mouse motions can develop into future wrist problems. The more you click, the more you are at risk!

Research reveals that an average officer worker clicks their mouse a whopping 3,400+ times per day; that is nearly 1,000,000,000 per year! I know what you’re thinking - that figure seems outrageous! HR Health Safety and Wellbeing thought the same so we put it to the test

After an 8 hour day the average tally of clicks was 3,767.

Without doubt computer users do not want mouse clicks to be the culprit of future wrist problems. So what can you do to cut down on clicks? The table below provides several useful keyboard shortcuts to ctrl your computer and esc your mouse:

Additionally, applications such as MouseTool can cut down on your clicks significantly. MouseTool does the clicking for you; it senses as you move the mouse and when you pause, it clicks. MouseTool was designed by a computer user, who became unable to perform his job due to wrist problems. The design of this application allowed the creator to successfully use a mouse again.

HR Health Safety and Wellbeing challenges readers to track their clicks and share with us the extent that keyboard shortcuts and MouseTool aid in decreasing your number of clicks!

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