Juggle your way to good health

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Juggle your way to good health


2 May 2014

What does it take to be as happy as a clown? It’s time to pick up a few juggle balls and find out!

Juggling has great health benefits familiar to clowns and circus performers however current studies may have scientists attempting to master the trick.

Research reveals there are multiple physical and mental health benefits associated with juggling. Through continuous practice, juggling has the ability to:

Develop the brain

Study findings revealed that newly trained jugglers had an increase in brain development within 7 days of continuous practice. Brain-imaging scans were conducted before and after jugglers began practicing, the scan results indicated an increase in grey matter subsequent to learning the new skill. Grey matter brain development contributes to seeing, hearing, decision making and memory.

Relieve stress

Juggling is also an effective tool for relieving stress. While a juggler concentrates on keeping multiple ‘stress’ balls in the air, the mind enters a relaxed state of concentration that is successful in calming the mind from negative thoughts.

Improve coordination and concentration

The skill of juggling requires coordination and concentration. Those who practice juggling are constantly improving abilities in rhythm, peripheral vision, hand eye coordination and visual reaction time.

Burn calories

Juggling is a physical motion that involves cardio activity and engages muscles. The act of juggling can burn up to 280 calories an hour.

Who knew keeping a few objects in the air could be so beneficial?

HR Health Safety and Wellbeing would like to prescribe juggling therapy to the USC community as an initiative to support wellbeing. For USC staff, HR Health Safety and Wellbeing can hold in house sessions on how to juggle. Alternatively try using a video clip to teach yourself the basic juggling skills.

Grab a few balls or any round objects for that matter and take up a new hobby!

Do you have any tips for learning how to juggle?

Have you mastered any tricks?

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