Beat stress and boost wellbeing

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Beat stress and boost wellbeing


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12 November 2014

As the end of semester and the holiday season approaches, it’s inevitable that staff and students will be faced with a busier schedule. A larger workload can cause many of us to feel overwhelmed and stressed.

Ongoing stress can have a toxic effect on health and wellbeing, according to The Victorian Government’s Department of Health. In particular stress can lead to depression, lack of motivation, anxiety, lack of focus, insomnia and physical problems such constant headaches or stomach-aches.

Many factors that trigger stress are unavoidable but yet, the way we deal with stress can be managed. We have some useful tips that can assist you with reducing stress in your workplace, uni life or at home:

Time management

Organising and prioritising tasks can help reduce stress levels. Better time management enables individuals to be more proactive thus creating a greater work-life balance.

Have you heard of the pomodoro technique?

Sweat it out

Any physical activity can assist with reducing stress levels. Exercise releases endorphins that make you feel good; exercise can also distract your mind from any worries you may have. For students, staff and the community, USC Sport has a pool, gym and social sport to help you sweat it out!

Practice mindfulness

Mental Health Foundation states that focusing on the present moment through mindfulness can help manage stress. You can bring mindfulness to any activity you do. For instance, focus on your breath as you fall asleep at night. Any time something else pops into your mind, move your focus back to your breath.

LOL (laugh out loud)

They say “laughter is the best medicine” and when it comes to reducing stress this can be true. Research from the Journal of Gerontological Nursing reveals that laughter utilises physical and mental energy that can reduce stress. Call up your funniest friend or listen to a comedy until you LOL!

Seek support

Do not be afraid to seek professional help if you are struggling to manage stress. For more information, there are resources for students, staff, or the wider community.

Do you have any tips to reduce stress?

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