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23 September 2014

USC staff have successfully crossed the finish line of a 100 day race around the world, virtually that is.

Joined by over 57,000 corporate teams from around the world, 49 USC staff took part in an international corporate health and wellbeing initiative; the Global Corporate Challenge. The challenge aims to motivate staff, raise awareness on sedentary behaviours and improve physical activity levels through measuring participants daily step count.

The journey…

When the challenge began in May, participants were each given a ‘GCC Pulse’ to track daily activity. Participants were encouraged to reach a daily target of 10,000 steps through walking, running, biking, swimming or any activity that gets your heart rate up. Participants were also reminded to utilise every opportunity to get up from their seat to increase their step count throughout the day. Lunch time walks, taking the stairs, choosing the longest route and engaging in more face-face conversations are behaviours GCCers have become accustomed to at work.

As a result, USC GCCers stomped out a total of 67,725,157 steps; traveling around the world 1.08 times. In total, staff burnt 2,730,678 calories which equates to 5,689 large burgers, 16,831 glasses of red wine and 10,888 slices of cake. Congratulations to the Wild Women Warriors who ranked first amongst the USC teams, covering 6,869 km during the 100 day challenge.

How many steps do you take each day?

It is common for Australians to spend a large portion of their day in a seated position that requires no physical activity. Research reveals that an average office worker takes 3,000 to 5,000 steps a day, when recommended level of activity for a healthy adult is 10,000 steps. Without making a conscience effort to change this behaviour, many Australians are at risk of living an unhealthy sedentary lifestyle.

Given this, Health Safety and Wellbeing would like to challenge you to track your daily activity to reach a 10,000 step goal. You can construct your own challenge with colleagues, friends or family. Please contact hsw@usc.edu.au to loan a pedometer and make choices to become more active. Just ask any of the USC GCCers, tracking your steps is a fun and motivating way to becoming a healthier you!

Has anyone participated in a 10,000 step challenge?

What choices do you make to increase your activity level?

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