How to get the best out of your morning

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How to get the best out of your morning


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17 November 2015

The sun beams through your curtains and you awaken to the faint sound of your alarm…what do you do next?

How we spend our early hours is crucial. Our morning routines (or lack of) set the tone for the rest of the day. If we master a routine that works for us, we will be happier, healthier and more successful.

Whether you are a morning person or not, the following suggestions can make your morning easier and allow you to be more productive with your day.

Get a headstart

Prepare your lunch and breakfast the night before to ensure you don’t cut any corners in the morning. A healthy lunch and breakfast will give you the energy you need to take on your day.

Extra dinner leftovers make for a tasty lunch. Or try some of these grab it and go ideas for brekky.

Drink a large glass of water

It is important to rehydrate after catching a few zzz’s. Drink a large glass of water when you wake up; it is a great way to fire up your metabolism and flush out any toxins.


After being sedentary for six or more hours, your muscles will love it if you give them some attention. Put aside a few minutes for stretching. Studies show you will have improved posture, fewer aches and more energy.

Here are some stretches to get you on your way.

Practice mindfulness

Take 5 minutes to concentrate on the present moment and clear your mind for the day ahead. A simple way to do this is to pay attention during a task you do each day.

For instance, as you brush your teeth, notice the sensation of the bristles. Keep your mind on the present moment. What does the toothpaste taste like? Is the brush hard or soft? Have you connected with each tooth? Notice how you mouth feels after your teeth are clean.

You can incorporate this mindfulness technique into any of your morning routine activities.

Put off distractions

Scrolling social media or checking emails can distract you from a meaningful routine. Avoid using your smartphone until you have completed your morning routine.

As you can see a morning routine doesn’t require you to get up at the crack of dawn. It is easy to incorporate a routine into a rising time the suits you. Each of our routines will look a bit different but having something consistent in place is the most important thing. For more ideas on morning routines see what the world’s most successful people do.

Do you have a morning routine? What is your favourite thing to do in the morning?
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