Risk assessments and management

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Risk assessments and management


The University will identify, assess and implement control measures for hazards to people, plant and property in accordance with risk management principles.

The How to Manage Health and Safety Risks Code of Practice 2011 states that a safe and healthy workplace does not happen by chance or guesswork. There must be a process in place to identify what could go wrong (hazards) at the workplace and what the consequences could be. Once hazards have been identified, ways of eliminating or minimising health and safety risks, associated with the hazards, should be implemented and thereafter, monitored.

This process is the risk management process. The University requires that the risk management process be applied to all University activities to ensure that hazards and their associated risks are identified and controlled where practicable.

An effective means of doing this is by undertaking what is known as a risk assessment.

The University has an online risk assessment system called RMSS – this is gradually being rolled out to different departments/work areas. Contact hsw@usc.edu.au to see if your area is covered by this online system and/or to organise training in the use of this system.

Alternatively there is paper based system that can be used.

The University has a brief guide that explains risk assessments:

There is also a template available for the paper based system. To obtain this template in a Microsoft Word format, please contact hsw@usc.edu.au.

Training in 'How to Conduct a Risk Assessment' is also offered through the staff development calendar.

The Enterprise Risk Management and Resilience – Governing Policy and the Risk Management Procedures outline the University’s commitment to risk management.

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