Award of Chancellor's Medal - Managerial Policy and Procedures

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Award of Chancellor's Medal - Managerial Policy and Procedures


Approval authority
Vice-Chancellor and President
Responsible officer
Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor
Designated officer
Director, Student Services and Engagement
First approved
3 July 2012
Last amended
19 February 2016
Effective start date
3 July 2012
Review date
3 July 2017
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1. Policy

1.1 The Chancellor's Medal is awarded in recognition of outstanding achievement by graduates of the University who have:

  • made a distinguished contribution to the local or wider community and / or
  • provided outstanding support and service to members of the University community and
  • achieved a high level of academic performance throughout their program of study at the University

1.2 As the Chancellor's Medal is awarded in recognition of exceptional graduates, the Selection Panel may determine that two or more nominees in any Study Period are eligible to receive the award. The Selection Panel may also determine that in any particular Study Period there are no eligible nominees.

1.3 The recipients of the Chancellor's Medal will be determined on behalf of the University Council by a panel consisting of:

  • the Chancellor (Chair);
  • the Vice-Chancellor and President;
  • the Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor and
  • an elected student member of Council.

If in any year an elected student member of Council is unable to participate in the work of the Selection Panel, the student representative will be an elected student member of Academic Board.

2. Procedures for nomination and selection

2.1 Nominations for the Chancellor's Medal may be made by any staff member of the University, by another student or by a member of the University Alumni. A student cannot self-nominate.

2.2 Nominations need to meet the following criteria:

  • The nominee clearly demonstrates a distinguished contribution to University life and / or the community which is above and beyond any requirements of their award program.
  • The nominee has achieved a high level of academic performance. Consideration will not normally be given to any graduating student who has a GPA of less than 6.0. If a nominee has a GPA of less than 6.0 then the nomination needs to include details of the special circumstances relating to the nominee which would support a lower GPA.
  • The nominee has completed at least two thirds of their graduating program of study at USC.
  • The nominee has not previously been awarded a Chancellor's Medal.

2.3 A recipient of the Chancellor's Medal is also eligible for the award of a University or Faculty Medal.

2.4 At the end of each Study Period, after results have been finalised, Student Services and Engagement will call for nominations for the award of a Chancellor's Medal.

2.5 A list of all graduating coursework students will be forwarded to the Executive Deans. This list will consist of graduates with:

  • a GPA of at least 6.0, or
  • Honours IIA or better, or
  • completed HDR students.

2.6 The Executive Deans are responsible for ensuring that strong nominees for this award are identified and appropriate nominations made within the timeframe.

2.7 Nominations will require information to be provided by the nominator and by the nominee. It will be the nominator's responsibility to ensure that sufficient detail is provided for the selection panel to make an informed decision.

2.8 A reminder regarding nominations will be sent approximately two weeks prior to the closing date.

2.9 Once all nominations have been received an initial check will be made to ensure all criteria have been met. If any nominations do not meet the academic criteria, but exceptional circumstances have been indicated, they will be brought to the attention of the Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor for confirmation of their inclusion in the selection process.

2.10 A meeting of the Selection Panel will be called at the end of each Study Period. If a Graduation Ceremony is to be held at that time the schedule must enable a nominee to be identified and advised of their award prior to this Ceremony.

2.11 A letter will be prepared on behalf of the Chancellor advising the nominee/s of their successful selection. This letter will also include an invitation for the successful nominee/s to address the guests at the Graduation Ceremony on behalf of all graduands.

2.12 If a Graduation Ceremony is held where more than one Chancellor's Medal is due to be awarded each medallist will be contacted and asked whether they would like to share the role of addressing the guests on behalf of the graduands or determine a sole speaker between themselves.

2.13 If a Graduation Ceremony is held where there is no Chancellor's Medallist or the selected Chancellor's Medallist indicates that they do not wish to speak, then a University Medallist will be asked to give the address on behalf of all graduands.


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