Recruitment, Selection and Appointment (RSA) - Managerial Policy

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Recruitment, Selection and Appointment (RSA) - Managerial Policy


Approval authority
Vice-Chancellor and President
Responsible officer
Vice-Chancellor and President
Designated officer
Director, Human Resources
First approved
23 November 1999
Last amended
9 December 2008
Review date
9 December 2013
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Part A: Preliminary

1. Purpose of policy

The University of the Sunshine Coast is committed to attracting and retaining excellent staff capable of meeting our strategic and operational objectives.

2. Application of policy

This policy applies to all University staff, officer and selection committee members.

3. Definitions

In this policy the follow definition applies:

Merit means the extent to which a person has the relevant abilities, aptitude, skills, qualifications, knowledge, experience and achievements (including community experience), characteristics and personal qualities; and where applicable, the manner in which the person carried out the duties or functions of any previous position or previous educational or other learning experiences; and the extent to which a person has the potential for development.

Part B: Policy

4. Principles

The process for the recruitment, selection and appointment of staff must be within budget and based on the principles of merit and equal opportunity. The process must comply with legislative requirements and be equitable, transparent, accountable and confidential with clearly defined procedures.

5. Application of policy

This policy applies to staff advertising, recruitment, selection through to appointment for all University positions of six months or more in duration, excluding casual appointments.

6. Aim of recruitment

The aim of effective recruitment is to ensure that the University reaches the largest possible pool of potential applicants.

7. Aim of selection

Selection is to be made on the basis of merit.

8. Aim of appointment

Appointments must be made in a fair and equitable manner whilst initiating commitment between the University and the appointee and ensuring that expectations and obligations are made clear.


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