Student Ombudsman - Managerial Policy

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Student Ombudsman - Managerial Policy


Approval authority
Vice-Chancellor and President
Responsible officer
Vice-Chancellor and President
Designated officer
Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor
Last amended
7 January 2016
Effective start date
30 June 2011
Review date
1 July 2016
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1. Purpose of policy

This policy provides guidance to students seeking a review of any matter which has not been resolved by the University’s established student complaints and grievances policies and processes.

2. Policy scope and application

The policy applies to all students and staff of the University.

3. Definitions

Please refer to the University’s Glossary of Terms for policies and procedures.

4. Principles

4.1 The University endorses the principles of natural justice in relation to investigations of any complaints and/or grievances made by any party. Natural justice requires that in any matter of adjudication, those parties directly involved have a right to a hearing, and that the adjudicator shall not be biased.

4.2 The position of Student Ombudsman has been established by the University to ensure its students receive fair and equitable treatment across all courses, and in particular with regard to the resolution of complaints and grievances.

4.3 The role of the Student Ombudsman is contained in the document Role of the Student Ombudsman and shall be filled by a fixed-term appointment of a suitably qualified and experienced person, whose appointment may be renewed.

4.4 The Student Ombudsman is an impartial and confidential resource for students encountering difficulties associated with student-related rules, policies and procedures. The Student Ombudsman however may not provide advice to students as to the merits of their case.

4.5 The Student Ombudsman may investigate student grievances referred to the Student Ombudsman as part of USC's established student complaints and grievances policies and processes.

4.6 The University recognises that the Student Ombudsman must maintain neutrality, impartiality and confidentiality in performing the role.

4.7 The Student Ombudsman has direct access to all levels of the University, including senior officers such as the Vice-Chancellor and President, the Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor and executive deans of faculty and heads of school, academic and administrative staff as and when required for the fulfilment of the performance of their duties.


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