Terms of Reference and membership

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Terms of Reference and membership


Academic Board Terms of Reference

  1. To monitor academic integrity and academic standards, and assure the quality of teaching, research and research training
  2. To foster discourse and deliberation on issues related to higher education through informed and open discussion
  3. To approve and amend academic policy
  4. To foster excellence and innovation in teaching, learning, scholarship and research
  5. To advise Council and make recommendations where appropriate on the academic strategic directions and practices of the University
  6. To accredit the introduction of new programs and to approve significant program amendments
  7. To confer academic awards of the University, other than Honorary awards

Academic Board membership

Ex officio (full voting rights)

  • Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Chairperson)
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor (International and Quality)
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor (Engagement)
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation)
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor (Students)
  • Executive Deans of Faculties
  • Associate Deans (Learning and Teaching)
  • Associate Deans (Research)
  • Chairpersons of Academic Board committees
  • Heads of Schools
  • Director, Centre for Support and Advancement of Learning and Teaching
  • Director, Student Services and Engagement
  • Director, Student Wellbeing
  • Director, Information Services

Appointed (full voting rights)

  • Up to 3 persons who are not employees of the University, appointed by the Vice-Chancellor
  • One undergraduate student of the University
  • One postgraduate student of the University

Elected (full voting rights)

  • Three elected academic staff members from each faculty

In attendance (having participatory, but not voting, rights)

  • Vice-Chancellor and President
  • Any Pro Vice-Chancellor or Director who is not an ex-officio member
  • Manager, Academic Secretariat
  • Secretary, Academic Board

Invited to attend as appropriate (having participatory, but not voting rights)

  • Any visitors with the approval of the Chairperson

Observers (no rights)

  • Any person with the approval of the Chairperson

A list of current members is available on MyUSC (login required)

Tenure and frequency of meetings
  • Elected academic staff members will serve for a period of two years.
  • Members appointed by the Vice-Chancellor and President, other than student members, will serve for a period of two years.
  • Student members will serve for a period of one year, with a maximum of two consecutive terms of office.
  • There will be at least five meetings of the Academic Board each year.

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