Communication and media studies

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Communication and media studies


Screen and media studies

Research in screen and media studies considers policy, creation, practical production and cultural issues in film and television, in focus areas such as:

  • film and television studies
  • documentary studies
  • media policy
  • cultural policy
  • creative labour
  • creative industries
  • media education
  • public service broadcasting
  • production studies
  • Australian cinema
  • apps and smartphone ecologies
  • sports broadcasting
  • children's television
  • media globalisation
  • queer and transgender representation
  • celebrity

For more information refer to Arts Research in Creative Humanities (ARCH)

Internet media studies

Internet media studies researches how the lines between real and virtual, traditional and new are being blurred through 'prosumer / produser' interactivity. Research in this multi-disciplinary area examines the shifting notion of power and the flow of cultural meanings and artefacts and their legal, ethical, social and political implications on the wellbeing of individuals, communities and society at large in broad areas such as:

  • online journalism
  • social media
  • participatory journalism
  • multimedia journalism
  • entrepreneurial journalism
  • alternative and community journalism
  • the audience of news

For more information refer to Arts Research in Creative Humanities (ARCH)


Research in journalism addresses issues such as:

  • studies of journalists’ professional views
  • comparative studies of journalists and the media
  • international journalism
  • journalism–government relationships
  • political journalists
  • media coverage of disasters and death
  • representations of social groups or issues in media coverage
  • journalism theory
  • journalism and conflict
  • Indigenous journalism
  • lifestyle journalism
  • journalism education
  • citizen and participatory journalism
  • the role of social media in journalism
  • and the relationship between public relations and journalism

For more information refer to Arts Research in Creative Humanities (ARCH)

Public communication and promotion

In the interdisciplinary area of public communication and promotion, research draws from communication and media studies, public relations, advertising, health promotion and social marketing to question and examine the construction, representation, circulation and reception of promotional discourses and symbols in the public arena. Research areas include:

  • change campaigns and national identity
  • public relations and news
  • media and diaspora in Southeast Asia
  • refugee and asylum seeker discourses and narratives in the Australian region
  • new media audiences
  • journalism–public relations interactions
  • cryptic marketing
  • consumer behaviour
  • subculture and strategic marketing
  • integrated marketing communication

Public relations and advocacy

Research in public relations and advocacy explores the complex relationship between and among social entities such as government, non-government and business organisations, including nations of diverse political leanings, via critical and empirical work. Our research explores areas such as:

  • global news media in international conflicts;
  • social and alternative media for citizen journalism and grassroots advocacy;
  • the impact of new and emerging media on the identities of public individuals and organisations;
  • power and diplomacy in management and damage control.
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