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Higher degrees by research projects 2016


Current higher degrees by research student projects within the Faculty of Science, Health, Education and Engineering. For more information, visit how to apply for higher degrees by research.

Doctor of Philosophy

Student Project title Principal supervisor
Abdelrazek Abdelrazek Simulation Coastal Erosions On Sunshine Based on Object-Based Image Analysis (OBIA) Prof David James Young
A/Prof John Adie Providing an evidence-base for the care of community-dwelling patients with non-life threatening urgent conditions, in urban SE Queensland. Prof Marianne Clare Wallis
Mr Jorge Amat Fernandez A molecular investigation of germ cell specification and migration within the tilapia Oreochromis mossambicus (Order Perciform) Dr Scott Francis Cummins
Robert Armstrong A comparative analysis of international workplace education and training programs in remote and diverse communities in a number of nations, with particular reference to outcomes similar to apprenticeships, within the Mining and Petroleum Resources sector. Prof Mervyn Bruce Hyde
Mr Khaldoon Azawi Intelligent Pavement Management and Maintenance Intervention Prof Mark Andrew Porter
Mr Nigel Christopher Barr The professional behaviours, perceptions and opinions of Australian paramedics towards infection control in the out of hospital environment. Dr Mark Andrew Holmes
Mr Sajad Ayoub Bhat Exploring the Immunopathology of Scabies Dr Kate Elizabeth Mounsey
Mrs Ann Grace Birch Conceptualising the role of the Practicum Coordinator in Queensland primary schools Dr Susan Elizabeth Simon
Ms Karen Birkenhead The independant and interactive effects of ultra endurance exercise and diet on telomere length and telomerase activity. Dr Colin Solomon
Miss Sankhya Bommana Aim to improve the diagnosis of chlamydial infections in Australian animals A/Prof Adam Polkinghorne
Mr Matthew Bousson Glute Activation and Muscle Recruitment Sequencing in Athletic Performance Dr Dale Lovell
Mr David Thomas Bright A study of giant grouper reproductive biology and the development of novel approaches to secure its sustainable aquaculture Prof Abigail Elizur
Miss Candice Megan Brinkmann Assessment of biosynthetic potential of sponge-symbiotic microorganisms in relation to sponge taxonomic biogeographical diversity Dr Ipek Kurtboke
Ms Marion Brown Ecological impacts of coastal foxes Prof Thomas Schlacher
Mrs Beth Ann Brunton Investigating and managing decline in Urban zone eastern grey kangaroo (Macropus giganteus) populations Dr Scott Edward Burnett
Mr Sean Buckley A whole genome in silico approach to understanding the pathogenomics of bacterial infections Dr David John McMillan
Miss Delaney Mae Burnard Molecular characterisation of chlamydial infections in Australian native marsupials A/Prof Adam Polkinghorne
Mr Gavin Leslie Buzza Effects of age, training status and gender on exercise capacity, tissue oxygenation and vascular augmentation index Dr Colin Solomon
Mr Truong Giang Cao Selective breeding to develop a genetically improved strain of Pacific white leg shrimp (Litopeneaus vannamei) A/Prof Wayne Robert Knibb
Ms Jennifer Chandler Understanding masculinity in the Spiny Lobster Dr Tomer Ventura
Ms Karen-Ann Clarke Women with depression: making meaning and decisions about electroconvulsive therapy - A feminist experience Prof Margaret Ita Barnes
Ms Sheri Cooper Rating the nutritional composition of packaged foods and beverages: The use of nutrient profiling models and food labelling systems Dr Fiona Elizabeth Pelly
Richard James Cramp All for one, and one for all! An analysis of the nature of the culture of a highly effective school and how its leaders facilitate a sense of partnership across the school community in establishing and maintaining a sustainable culture of success, focussed on realising both the academic and non-academic dimensions of the school's mission and vision. Dr Susan Elizabeth Simon
Mrs Dana Louise Craven At home and at risk? Malnutrition amongst community dwelling elderly people: reported practices and perceptions of malnutrition screening. Dr Fiona Elizabeth Pelly
Mr Christopher Jon Cunningham Quantifying flow rates through roof drainage storm water system outlets under typical Australian rainfall conditions A/Prof Terry John Lucke
Lee Daffin The impact of cervical lordosis on postural sway parameters in asymptomatic subjects: An evaluation and comparison between unloaded and loaded stance Dr Rebecca Bridget Mellifont
Ms Suzanne Derok How do CEOs create a culture of health within organisations? Dr Florin Ilie Oprescu
Mrs Terri Elizabeth Downer Process practice and pedagogy in antenatal education Prof Margaret Ita Barnes
Mrs Chrissie Driver Knowledge, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours of Australian physiotherapists towards the use of psychological interventions in physiotherapy practice Dr Florin Ilie Oprescu
Mr Luke William Dutney Reproductive biology and controlled reproduction of captive cobia (Rachycentron canadum) Prof Abigail Elizur
Alexander Eagles The influence of hip and core stability training in dynamic jump performance Dr Dale Lovell
Mr Rohan Edmonds Physiological Markers of Training Responses in Elite Swimmers Prof Brendan John Burkett
Mrs Samantha Edwards Student engagement in 'entry to practice' degrees: A nursing case study Dr Jennifer Anne Rowe
Ms Michelle Elks Autonomous nurse led weaning of high flow nasal cannula oxygen in children < 12 months with bronchitis Prof Jeanine Young
Ms Belinda Flanagan Women birthing in Paramedic Care Dr William Anthony Lord
Mr Shawn Fracchia Access to schooling for children in Australian Immigration detention A/Prof Deborah Anne Heck
Tamieka Fraser Understanding the pathogenesis and epidemiology of sarcoptic mange in the common wombat A/Prof Adam Polkinghorne
Mr Colin James Gavagan A multi-discipline approach to understanding the relationship of Karate techniques and adaptability Dr Mark Gregory Leigh Sayers
Ms Kendall George The Parenting Premmies Support Program: Designing, developing and piloting a mobile health anticipatory guidance support program for mothers of preterm infants Dr Jennifer Anne Rowe
Elektra Grant Flowering, genetics and breeding systems of a tropical rainforest tree, Fontainea picrosperma Dr Steven Martin Ogbourne
Mrs Michelle Gray How are midwives responding to the changed conditions for re-registration to practice in Australia Dr Jennifer Anne Rowe
Mr Michael Hammond Molecular basis for multicellularity: The role of peptide signalling in the ancient sponge Dr Scott Francis Cummins
Mr Bradley Harding Development of nucleotide-based resettable molecular circuits and gates, time-keeping systems, and dynamic displays Dr Joanne Macdonald
Miss Leonie Harvey An investigation of short duration, high intensity, upper body exercise performance Dr Dale Lovell
Marie Hayward A sense of belonging in a mainstream school: students with special needs perspective Dr Gary Ernest Woolley
Ms Leeanne Heaton Mapping the pedagogy of simulation: Nurse educator and student perceptions of factors influencing the pedagogy of learning clinical skills in simulation A/Prof Patrea Andersen
Mr Brian Higgins What shall we do with the bad apples? A longitudinal study of school exclusionary punishment. Dr Michael David Carey
Dinh Chieu Hoang "Relationship between Major Yolk Protein (MYP) and gonadal development in black sea cucumber (Holothuria leucospilota Brandt, 1835)" Dr Scott Francis Cummins
Mr David John Holloway Using Virtual Environments to Improve Clinical Competence of Nursing Students A/Prof Patrea Andersen
Mr Ajith Premachandra Horane Karayalage DNA Markers and Yellowtail Kingfish Breeding A/Prof Wayne Robert Knibb
Mr Mominul Islam The development of a Chlamydia pecorum model of infection in Australian sheep. A/Prof Adam Polkinghorne
Mr Rick Jaeger Optimisation of Culvert Design Processes to Reduce Flooding, Environmental Damage and Community Costs on the Sunshine Coast A/Prof Terry John Lucke
Miss Heather Elizabeth James Investigating a dinosaur: Conservation genetics and demographic analysis of the endangered cycad species Cycas megacarpa and implications for a proposed translocation. Dr Alison Jane Shapcott
Miss Martina Jelocnik Molecular epidemiology and comparative genomics of Chlamydia pecorum infecting livestock and koalas A/Prof Adam Polkinghorne
Ms Jessie Johnson-Cash An exploration of the 'stages of labour' discourse in contenporary Australian midwifery practice Dr Rachel Reed
Ms Colleen Mavis Johnston The lived experience of complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) in Australia Prof Marion Alexandra Gray
Mr William Lee Johnston The economics of pearl farming in the Western Pacific: developmental pathways and impediments in Fiji and Tonga. Prof Paul Colin Southgate
Andrew Jones The Attributes of Effective School Principals in Cambodian Public Schools A/Prof Michael Christopher Nagel
Mrs Lorraine Valerie Jones Demystifying the rubric: Identifying, developing and re-evaluating student understanding of marking criterion with the aim of promoting knowledge transference through formative feedback approaches to assessment with a first year multidisciplinary cohort. A/Prof Peter Kenneth Dunn
Mr Benjamin Kaluza Resource use by stingless bees (Meliponinae) Prof Helen Margaret Wallace
Mr Gopinath Kathiravelu Relating urban land use to stormwater quality through rainfall simulation techniques A/Prof Terry John Lucke
Ms Bridie Marie Kean A Framework for Implementing Adaptive Athletic Academic (AAA) Programs in Australian Universities. Dr Florin Ilie Oprescu
Ms Ava Dorothy Kerr Influence of athlete presentation on the reliability and sensitivity of surface anthropometry, plus two, three and four compartment physique assessment models. Dr Gary John Slater
Mr Timo Klein Cerebrovascular responses to intermittent changes in body position and CO2 exposure A/Prof Christopher David Askew
Mr Yuri Kriel The effect of repeated high intensity exercise bouts on measures of tissue oxygenation and perception of effort in sedentary populations Dr Colin Solomon
Krystina Lamb Investigating the properties of a new proton exchange membrane, based on the novel heteropolyacid functionalised mesoporous silica nanocomposites. Prof Roland De Marco
Mrs Janice Layh Exploring the phenomena of moral distress in Registered Nurses in the context of end of life nursing care Dr Amanda Jane Henderson
Mr Tuan Son Le Assessment of the efficacy of bacteriophage therapy against bacterially caused aquaculture infection Dr Ipek Kurtboke
Ms Alexis Levengood Investigating the extent of social plasticity in female bottlenose dolphins: what can temporal and spatial social variation tell us about the ecological basis of mammalian society. Dr Celine Henria Frere
Miss Jia Li Multiplexed lateral flow devices for the detection of viruses. Dr Joanne Macdonald
Ms Di Liang The mollusc olfactory toolkit: an investigation of the molecular mechanism of olfaction in gastropods Dr Scott Francis Cummins
Miss Bethan Littleford-Colquhoun The genetic consequences of urbanisation: the Eastern Water Dragon (Intellagama lesueurii) as a model species) Dr Celine Henria Frere
Mrs Mereia Fong Lomavatu Postharvest Diseases of Mango in Fiji Prof Steven Jon Rees Underhill
Mrs Del Lovett General practice nurses' use of the Practice Nurse Incentive Program to provide improved access for men to health promotion and illness prevention education Dr John Marc Broadbent
Ms Beverly Jo Lowe-Dann A study of the experiences of a range of Queensland schools and teachers in the implementation of the new Australian Science Curriculum Prof Mervyn Bruce Hyde
Mr Haripal Singh Mahli A 'catch-release' Catalytic System: Synthesis, Immobilization and Catalytic Activities of Pt (II) Complex Involving Xanthine N-heterocyclic Carbene Ligand. Prof David James Young
Mr Medhat Ahmed Abbas Mahmoud Optimise survival and performance of YellowTail Kingfish A/Prof Wayne Robert Knibb
Mathew Manwaring How does biodiversity in the landscape impact on long term bee fitness and foraging? Prof Helen Margaret Wallace
Dr Elizabeth Jane Marsden Care coordination through Emergency Department, Residential Aged Care and Primary Health Collaboration (CEDRIC) Prof Marianne Clare Wallis
Mr Matthew Francis Mason Emergent Short Peripheral Intravenous Cannula use, an infection prevention view Prof Marianne Clare Wallis
Mrs Jennifer McIntyre Teachers conceptions of brain-based learning A/Prof Michael Christopher Nagel
Mr Scott Michael McLean Performance analysis in football using a systems approach and the development of a comprehensive performance metric Dr Colin Solomon
Mr Daniel Michael Meloncelli The authentication of honey by chromatography; and their anti-inflammatory properties Dr Peter Brooks
Miss Annelise Menses Skeletal muscle microvascular blood flow as a treatment target for exercise intolerance in patients with peripheral arterial disease A/Prof Christopher David Askew
Mr Phillip Murrell Meyerkort Injury in group fitness: epidemiology, risk factors and prevention Dr Mark Raymond McKean
Mr Douglas Mohr Inter-relationships between biomass, site condition and regrowth age in selected subtropical eucalypt communities Tom Lewis
Jessika Morris The development of a passing skills test in rugby union Dr Mark Gregory Leigh Sayers
Mr Brendon Edward Munge Fieldwork Pedagogy in Higher Education: A cross discipline study of best practice Dr Glyn John Thomas
Ms Katrina Anne Murphy Swimming and aquatic inclusion - Barriers, benefits and pathways for people with a disability Prof Brendan John Burkett
Tsvakai Gama Mushayabasa Postharvest physiology and processing of indigenous nuts in the Pacific Prof Helen Margaret Wallace
Mr Thoa Ngo Phu Quantitative and molecular genetic analysis of improved tilapia lines selected for high growth and salinity tolerance Dr Nguyen Nguyen Hong
Ms Thi Thu Nhan Nguyen Effects of biochar on nitrogen cycling and plant ecophysiology in soil-plant cropping system Prof Helen Margaret Wallace
Mr Chan Dieu Hoai Nguyen Factors affect on the prevalence of skeletal deformity of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) Prof Abigail Elizur
Mr Viet Tuan Nguyen Understanding crustacean neurohormonal pathways in development and reproduction. Dr Tomer Ventura
Mr Nhan Nguyen Code-switching in tertiary ESP classrooms in Vietnam Dr Peter Grainger
Ms Jemma Nicholls Studies of Regulatory T cells in Clinical Transplant Dr David John McMillan
Miss Tara Leanne Nielsen Molecular characterisation and the effects of sea foam born nocardia on sandy beach macrofaunal communities. Dr Ipek Kurtboke
Ms Samantha Nowland Developing hatchery culture techniques for black-lip rock oysters to support Indigenous economic development in remote Northern Territory Prof Paul Colin Southgate
Ms Nikoleta Ntalamagka Control of reproduction of the silver-lip pearl oyster, Pinctada maxima Prof Abigail Elizur
Mrs Sharon Nyari New developments in diagnostics for the identification of chlamydial infections in Koalas Prof Peter Timms
Mr Graeme Morris Oakley Residential Medication Management in the Aging population Dr Florin Ilie Oprescu
Ms Julie O'Connor A century later: the ecological role of the European red fox, Vulpes vulpes, on Queensland's Sunshine Coast Dr Scott Edward Burnett
Christian O'Dea Development of omic based applications to improve pathogen detection and viability assessment in aquatic environments. A/Prof Mohammad Katouli
Miss Malin Anette Olsson Identification and characterisation of antimicrobial compounds present in Australian plant species. Dr David John McMillan
Bahareh Owrangi Molecular mechanism of bacterial translocation and sepsis A/Prof Mohammad Katouli
Ms HIlary Pearl Using DNA barcoding to map biodiversity and to understand biogeographical and ecological factors determining composition of Sunshine Coast heathlands Dr Alison Jane Shapcott
Mrs Wendy Pearse Implementation of Advance Care Planning through Participatory Action Research. Dr Florin Ilie Oprescu
Ms Lisa Peberdy A descriptive explorative study of expectant parents' and health care professionals' experience and perception fo umbilical cord blood and tissue banking in Australia Prof Jeanine Young
Mrs Maria Perissiou Arterial Stiffness and Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm: The effect of acute exercise A/Prof Christopher David Askew
Mr Khang Pham Improving seed production of giant grouper and biological characteristics of giant grouper hybrids Dr Nguyen Nguyen Hong
Chontida Phuthaworn Genetic analysis of resistance to Hepatopancreatic parvovirus (HPV) in Banana Prawn A/Prof Wayne Robert Knibb
Cathy Lepi Pilang Exploring self-perceived preparedness of Community Health Worker graduates and clinicians to practice in rural and remote setings of PNG Prof Marion Alexandra Gray
Miss Carmen Piza Roca Social inheritance: insights from Eastern water dragons Dr Celine Henria Frere
Mr Daniel Edward Powell Uncovering genomic and transcriptomic complexities of two important Australian aquaculture species, the Sydney rock oyster (Saccostrea glomerata) and the banana prawn (Fenneropenaeus merguiensis) Prof Abigail Elizur
Ms Suzanne Power Personal pedagogies for moral education: facilitating ethical literacy and moral self-efficacy A/Prof Deborah Anne Heck
Ms Elizabeth Pressick Group-based modified sport: Can it improve the quality of life of older Indigenous men? Prof Marion Alexandra Gray
Emily Rames Development of molecular detection methods for human viruses resistant to wastewater treatment. Dr Joanne Macdonald
Mr Yulius Yusak Ranimpi An examination of community conceptions of poverty & mental health in an underdeveloped Indonesian region (province of East Nusa Tenggara) & of the capacity of indigenous psychology to inform existing models of health planning & service provision Prof Mervyn Bruce Hyde
Mr David Read Exploration of the factors that influence parents' choices of schools during their childrens' transitions from primary to secondary schools A/Prof Deborah Anne Heck
Ms Kylie Readman Expansive Learning Leadership Initiative: creating spaces for learning and teaching leadership development. Dr Jennifer Anne Rowe
Mr Reid James Reale Acute weight making strategies for combat sport athletes Dr Gary John Slater
Mr Tony Richardson Early Career Teacher Conceptions of a Quality Teacher A/Prof Michael Christopher Nagel
Miss Bec Eileen Roberts The molecular biology of communication in the Crown-of-Thorns Starfish:   Pheromones and chemoreceptors Dr Scott Francis Cummins
Mr Alan Roland Establishing optimal long-term funding allocation systematic approach based on network needs and availability of funds. Prof Mark Andrew Porter
Mr Luke Ryan Gonadal differentiation in fish: understanding the molecular and physiological pathways mediated by light Prof Abigail Elizur
Mr Pablo Sanchis-Benlloch   Prof Abigail Elizur
Ms Lucy Tracy Sargent Implementing an intervention to reduce antibiotic use in Primary Health Care Prof John Bruce Lowe
Ms Robyn Saxon Aged Care Services - Model of Care Redesign Prof Marion Alexandra Gray
Mrs Vicki Schriever A grounded theory study of how early childhood educators manage their changing roles regarding the use of information communication technologies (ICT). Dr Susan Elizabeth Simon
Mr Anthony James Schultz Non-invasive population heatlh measures in wild koalas (Phascolarclos cinerius) Dr Celine Henria Frere
Mr Peter Felix Schwammberger Performance monitoring of Floating Wetland Treatment Systems (FWTS) using measures to improve pollutant removal. A/Prof Terry John Lucke
Mrs Heather Scott The psychosocial benefits of aquatic based exercise Prof Brendan John Burkett
Miss Cicci Severin The role of aquatic therapy in rehabilitation Dr Mark Gregory Leigh Sayers
Dr David Shahar Enlarged External Occipital Protuberance, Epidemiological, Morphological and Symptomatic Considerations Dr Mark Gregory Leigh Sayers
Ms Jane Shamrock The Lived Experience of Physical disability in Timor Leste Prof Marion Alexandra Gray
Ms Rebecca Ann Shipstone Extending the reach: an exploratory analysis of Sudden Unexpected Deaths in Infancy in socially vilnerable families in Queensland Prof Jeanine Young
Asfakun Siddika Clonal propagation of the Beauty Leaf Tree A/Prof Stephen John Trueman
Miss Catherine Laura Simmons Conservation genetics and population viability of endangered Swamp Orchid Phaius australis (Orchidaceae) in a changing world Dr Alison Jane Shapcott
Ms Carol Margaret Smith Developing Secondary English education courses for preservice teachers through practitioner research A/Prof Michael Christopher Nagel
Miss Meaghan Smith Molecular understanding of Neuropeptides and Neurotransmitters used by the Crown-of-Thorns Starfish, Acanthaster planci Dr Scott Francis Cummins
Mr Anthony Smith The use of professional competency standards in the assessment of final year undergraduate paramedic students. A/Prof Patrea Andersen
Miss Jessica Maree Stephens Optimising post-exercise cold water immersion protocols: Understanding the impact of body size and composition differences A/Prof Christopher David Askew
Miss Kasha Strickland An investigation into the dominance behaviour and social dynamics of female eastern water dragons Dr Celine Henria Frere
Mr Ameh Sunday James Recombinase polymerase amplification of exotic viral disease and diagnostic applications. Dr Joanne Macdonald
Mr Arizio Sweeting From "Cinderella" to "Sleeping Beauty": Taking Pronunciation Instruction in Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) and English Language Teaching (ELT) Teacher Training Beyond "Listen and Repeat" Dr Michael David Carey
Miss Alyce Jane Taylor-Brown Utilising chlamydial infections of fish to further understand chlamydial diversity A/Prof Adam Polkinghorne
Miss Alise Thomas A coupled thermal-strain model for the prediction of time-to-failure of bituminous pavements under real-world conditions. Dr Aaron Nathaniel Wiegand
Jasmin Thompson Metagenomic analysis of gut microbiota and development of a microarray system for microbial source tracking A/Prof Mohammad Katouli
Miss Lauren Thornton Base radical and semisimple classes in novel settings Dr Robert McDougall
Ms Anne Louise Tietzel Sustaining multi-faceted early childhood philosophies through changing times in education policy and curriculum reforms Dr Michael Christie
Ms Liz Toohey An examination of the workplace learning of preservice Graduate Diploma teachers and the perceived relevance of mentoring as a workplace learning strategy towards compliance with national professional standards for graduate, beginning teachers Prof Mervyn Bruce Hyde
Mrs Beverley Anne Trevithick Efficacy of bracing painful wrists in gymnasts between the ages of 8-25 years while performing gymnastic activity. Dr Mark Gregory Leigh Sayers
Mrs Vicki Maree Tuchtan Defining and measuring quality private training in the vocational education sector Dr Michael Christie
Ms Gemma Anne Turato An analysis of the leadership of SCHHS front-line managers and programs to drive and improve patient safety, quality and experience Dr Florin Ilie Oprescu
Ms Janet Turley Food and Nutritional Security (FNS) in the South Pacific Island Countries and Territories (SPICTs): A community focused consideration of policy and practice. Prof Steven Jon Rees Underhill
Luke Harcourt Turner Reproductive Conditioning and Spawning of the Sea Cucumber Holothuria scabra for Hatchery Production Prof Abigail Elizur
Mr Luke Verstraten Performance and boundary conditions of roof drainage systems with box gutters, overflows and downpipes, an empirical approach. A/Prof Terry John Lucke
Mr Van In Vu Genetic and physiologica parameters associated with oyster reproduction A/Prof Wayne Robert Knibb
Mrs Meegan Anne Walker Blood flow responses in peripheral arterial disease: implications for endothelial function and angiogenesis. A/Prof Christopher David Askew
Ms Evelyn Walker Understanding the epidemiology and impact of Chlamydia pecorum infections in Australian sheep A/Prof Adam Polkinghorne
Mrs Karen Leigh Watson An evaluation of a safe sleep health promotion strategy amongst Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Families and health care providers. Prof Jeanine Young
Ms Alessandra Dorothy Whaite Understanding the mucosal immune response of koalas (Phascolarctos cinereus) to chlamydial infection A/Prof Adam Polkinghorne
Mr Paul Whatmore Exploring Molecular technologies to optimize traditional breeding programs in aquaculture: Developing pedigrees using DNA microsatellite and discovering functional genes using genomics. A/Prof Wayne Robert Knibb
Mr Simon Williams Mapping the current and potential Leptospermum honey production in Australia Dr Peter Brooks
Rachele Wilson Landscape use by solitary and stingless bees in different habitats using DNA barcoding Prof Helen Margaret Wallace
Ms Tanja Maria Windegger The health, social and economic impact of transferring patient from intravenous immunoglobulin (lvlg) to subcutaneous immunoglobulin (SClg) in Australia Dr Yoke Lin Fung
Mark Windsor Exercise, inflammation and abdominal aortic aneurysm A/Prof Christopher David Askew
Mr Nicholas Yabsley Functional connectivity and conservation: the importance of fish movement for food webs and the performance of marine reserves Dr Andrew Olds
Mr Stuart David Yeaman Infrastructure requirements to fill existing gaps in global understanding of road pavement performance Prof Mark Andrew Porter
Mr Peter Young How significant is the plant biodiversity of localised patches of heathland vegetation growing on low fertility soils on the hills and ranges and adjacent inland of southern Queensland? Dr Alison Jane Shapcott
Mr Adam Jack Zemski Changes in body composition of elite rugby union athletes using dual energy X-ray absorptionmetry and surface anthropometry. Dr Gary John Slater
Ms Noa Ziklo Immunological and bacterial factors associated with genital Chlamydia infections Prof Peter Timms

Master of Education

Student Project title Principal supervisor
Miss Korrine Byrnes Revitalizing Languages education – taking a critical policy analysis to the teaching of Languages in Prep to Year 3 Queensland Primary classrooms. Dr Peter Grainger
Mrs Kairen Call Meeting the Australian Professional Standards for Teacher’s (APST) at the Undergraduate Level Dr Michael Christie
Mrs Elizabeth Chamberlain A Case Study of an 'Arts' based professional development using a Community of Practice in a Queensland Primary School to develop generalist teachers' knowledge, attitudes and practice. A/Prof Deborah Anne Heck
Mr Timothy Robinson Enhancing Divergent Thinking in Adolescents through Project Based Learning A/Prof Deborah Anne Heck
Mr Adam Peter Wood The design, impact and outcomes of an embedded Outdoor Adventure Education program on the formative and summative assessment outcomes for students within the Australian Curriculum model. Dr Glyn John Thomas

Master of Science

Student Project title Principal supervisor
Mrs Heather Joy Borradale Strategies to optimise medication safety A/Prof Patrea Andersen
Ms Michele Brighton Are there Species of Fish that use Intermittently Closed and Open Lakes and Lagoons (ICCOLLs) disproportionately? A/Prof Neil Wilkinson Tindale
Mrs Roni Cole Enhancement of paediatric resuscitation in a general regional hospital Dr Lauren Kearney
Julie Creen Paediatric Outpatients Model of Care- Advanced Health Practitioner Dr Ann Kennedy-Behr
Mr Rian Crowther Wrist and finger spin bowling in cricket: Understanding the characteristics that effect overall outcome on Australian and subcontinent pitch surfaces Dr Adam Gorman
Ms Jessica Ebbersten The effects of acute and chronic high intensity exercise on microRNAs, Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor, Insulin-like Growth Factor-1, and cognitive function in healthy older men Dr Colin Solomon
Adam David Falconer Effect of training mode on the respiratory system and tissue oxygenation in aerobic and strength exercise. Dr Colin Solomon
John Fitter Specification and development of RPA support platform for SDR GPA and LIDAR/Visual Imaging in environmental sensing Dr Adrian Bruce McCallum
Miss Dericka Frost The relevance of the group work assessment in higher education to employer demand for collaboration skills in graduates Dr Florin Ilie Oprescu
Laura Gabriel Midwives' Perception of Intrapartum Risk. Dr Rachel Reed
Ms Margaret Hardy Perceived benefits of higher education for an ageing baby boomer population. Dr Florin Ilie Oprescu
Marissa Hoey Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type II: Individuals and Parents Perspective of Exercise as a Therapy Dr Rebecca Bridget Mellifont
Ms Lorraine Kay Josey The Use of Real-time Biomechanical Biofeedback to Reduce Musculoskeletal Pain and Improve Posture in Computer Users: A Matched-Pairs Randomized Trial Dr Kieran Broome
Mr Digby Krastins Effect of supervised exercise therapy following revascularisation on exercise capacity and skeletal muscle microvascular blood flow in patients with peripheral arterial disease A/Prof Christopher David Askew
Ms Thi Ha Giang Luu Application of DNA markers to understand genetic differences between populations and hybrid groupers in Vietnam A/Prof Wayne Robert Knibb
Mr Thys Joshua Matthews The evolving role of molecular diagnostics in lung cancer diagnosis and treatment Dr David John McMillan
Mrs Lara Meital The effect of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid supplementation on antioxidant enzymes in abdominal aortic aneurysm. Dr Fraser Donald Russell
Ms Shannyn Lee Meloncelli Explore and document coping strategies and support mechanisms employed by mothers with rheumatoid arthritis Dr Jane Allyson Taylor (nee Gregg)
Mr Cameron Milne Propagation and population establishment of Schoenus scabripes on the Sunshine Coast A/Prof Stephen John Trueman
Darren Murdoch Exploring resilience as a moderating variable between adverse childhood experience and alcohol use severity in a sample of Australian university students. Dr Florin Ilie Oprescu
Mitchell Raymond Naughton Impact induced muscle soreness: Performance implications, associated timeline and repeated bout effect. Dr Gary John Slater
Mrs Morag Oakley Falls reduction in the elderly and subsequent hospital avoidance achieved by the application of electromyography apparel to design functional exercise programs. Dr Florin Ilie Oprescu
Mr Peter Palma Developing technologies for giant grouper (Epinephelus lanceolatus) aquaculture in Vietnam, the Philippines and Australia Prof Abigail Elizur
Ms Gillian Puckeridge Progressive preoperative anaemia in hip fractures of the elderly Dr Yoke Lin Fung
Casey Sutherland Sedentary behaviour in young adults Prof Marion Alexandra Gray
Mrs Andrea Taylor An evaluation of the elements of advanced nursing assessment that most impact on care processes, clinical disposition and patient outcomes, accompanying high-risk older adults presenting to the emergency department. Dr John Marc Broadbent
Ms Cynthia Teo Finding the bright spots: Investigating the best in external supports for parents of young children with significant intellectual impairment. Prof John Bruce Lowe
Ms Katherine Ann Thompson-Grindall An exploration of factors leading to successful accreditation in the Australian primary health sector Dr Florin Ilie Oprescu
Alison Vallejo The effect of Polyhexamethylene (PHMB) post-ultrasonic debridement in reducing bacterial burden for patients with chronic wounds Prof Marianne Clare Wallis
Elena Maria Vargas Fonseca Seascape effects and connectivity in surf-zone fish Prof Thomas Schlacher
Mrs Gea Vaughan-johnson Student nurses and a sense of belongingness in the clinical environment. Dr John Marc Broadbent
Ms Alina Zwar Distribution and ecology of long-nosed potoroos (Potorous tridactylus tridactylus) in the Blackall Range. Dr Scott Edward Burnett

Master of Sports Nutrition by Research

Student Project title Principal supervisor
Ms Louise Cato The effect of concentrated beetroot crystal supplementation on economy of walking in highly trained race walkers Dr Gary John Slater
Miss Jacqueline Whitehead Dietary intake, eating attitudes and body image of female physique athletes Dr Gary John Slater

Master of Climate Change Adaptation by Research

Student Project title Principal supervisor
Mr Gary Edmund Forsdike Evaluating and Sustaining Efforts to Limit Near-shore Solid Waste Pollution in a Southeast Asian Island Community Prof Patrick Dominic Nunn

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