Dr Nguyen Hong Nguyen

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Dr Nguyen Hong Nguyen


Teaching areas

  • Quantitative Genetics

Research areas

  • Design and conduct of genetic improvement programs for farmed aquaculture species
  • Innovative approaches that may help to integrate reproductive and molecular genetic information in practical breeding programs
  • Develop breeding objectives and selection strategies for economically important aquaculture species
  • Economic appraisal of genetic improvement programs for farmed animals
  • Genomics and functional genomics

Program coordinator


Prior to joining USC, Dr Nguyen was working with the World Fish Centre (as part of a team) to develop genetically improved varieties of fish and crustaceans in order to lift food productivity in developing nations. This work is now seen as a model of how international investment in genetics can literally "feed millions" (International Food Policy Research Institute, 2008).

At USC, Nguyen's goals are to bring this international experience to help commercialise and extend Australian genetic breeding programs for species of national interest such as prawn and kingfish and to use the new knowledge of genomics and gene expression to improve the efficiency of classical genetic programs. Nguyen's long term goal is to enhance international breeding programs in partner countries using the new knowledge from molecular biology, genomics, gene expression and gene networks. Nguyen is already supervising and assisting genetics students from Vietnam to conduct genetic improvement programs for shrimp, oysters and cobia. Nguyen is implementing this strategic vision by addressing the following research topics:

  • To dissect the genetics of complex traits/ characters in farmed aquaculture species
  • To apply next generation sequencing technologies to characterise novel genes and their associated biological pathways responsible for traits that are difficult to measure or lowly heritable in farmed animals
  • To integrate molecular genetic information and reproductive technologies in practical selection programs for aquaculture species
  • Develop genetically improved strains for aquaculture in Australia and partner countries
  • To develop breeding objectives to meet future demands of the aquaculture industry for high quality products
  • To understand genetics and adaptation mechanisms of aquatic animal species in response to changing environments
  • To control reproduction and production cycle of new species for aquaculture
  • To examine genetic variability and breed integrity to recruit potential candidates for formal genetic improvement programs
  • To use model organisms to provide solutions to problems that the aquaculture industry has been facing.

Research projects

  • Development of DNA markers for management of brood stock lobsters (Dr. Nguyen Hong Nguyen, A/Prof Stephen Battaglene, A/Prof Wayne Knibb and Prof Abigail Elizur), CRN.
  • RNA-seq analysis of differential expression gene in tilapia lines divergent in growth (Dr Nguyen Hong Nguyen, A/Prof Wayne Knibb and Prof Abigail Elizur).
  • Commercial in confidence (Prof Abigail Elizur, A/Prof Wayne Knibb, Dr. Nguyen Hong Nguyen).


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