Professor Jeanine Young

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Professor Jeanine Young


Teaching areas

  • Neonatal, paediatric and child Health Care
  • Infant care practices and infant mortality
  • Health promotion, Indigenous Health
  • Postgraduate Research Methods

Research areas

  • infant care practices and infant mortality: safe infant sleeping, breastfeeding, bedsharing, immunisation and infant wrapping
  • health promotion and preventive health care, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander safe sleeping health promotion, social vulnerability and infant care
  • paediatrics and child health: perioperative fasting practices, informed consent/assent, telehealth, palliative care, family centred care
  • acute care: intravascular access management
  • midwifery: neonatal care, stillbirth, post-partum haemorrhage, third stage of labour options: placental transfusion and cord blood


Professor Jeanine Young commenced in USC's School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine in August 2013. Jeanine is a Registered Nurse, Registered Midwife and qualified neonatal nurse. She completed her PhD in infant care practices and their relationship with risk factors for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) in 1999 through the University of Bristol’s Faculty of Medicine. She has worked in Australia and the United Kingdom in neonatal intensive care, acute paediatrics and community child health. On return to Australia in 2000, Jeanine was appointed to establish and support nursing research activity for the Royal Children’s Hospital and Health Service District, first as Nurse Researcher, then as Nursing Director - Research. This role developed and implemented a strategy to promote, initiate and develop nursing research and build capacity of the nursing workforce to support evidence-based paediatric and child health practice Jeanine and colleagues attracted over $4.8 million dollars of research funding during the period 2000-2013.

Jeanine has established a research program to investigate Queensland’s relatively high infant mortality rate, with a particular focus on developing evidence-based strategies and educational resources to assist health professionals in delivering Safe Sleeping messages to parents with young infants and to address Close the Gap targets to reduce Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander infant mortality. Jeanine has a special interest in infant care practices and in particular, breastfeeding and parent-infant bed-sharing issues, Jeanine authored the Queensland Health Safe Infant Sleeping guidelines, Safe Infant Sleep and Indigenous Safe Infant Sleep eLearning programs, and developed bed-sharing information/position statements for SIDS and Kids, Australian College of Midwives, and Australian Breastfeeding Association. She is an active member of the SIDS and Kids National Scientific Advisory Committee (former Chair, 2008-2015), the Queensland Paediatric Quality Council and Infant Mortality Subcommittee, and the Queensland Child Death Review Panel. Jeanine authored the consensus paper underpinning the 2012 Safe Sleep, My Baby public health campaign. Jeanine is also an inaugural member of Australian College of Midwives Scientific Review and Advisory Committee (Chair 2013-2014) which provides the ACM board with advice on scientific matters, and prepares discussion papers and position statements to support midwifery practice. She works in partnership with government, industry, safety and regulatory bodies, and communities in achieving consistency in safe sleeping recommendations. Her efforts in reducing infant mortality through supporting the role of health professionals and health promotion within communities have received state, national and international recognition.

Jeanine has held adjunct and honorary appointments with Griffith University’s Centre for Health Practice Innovation and the University of Queensland's Centre for On-line Health, and visiting fellow positions with Children’s Health Queensland and the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service. Jeanine has over 85 publications in the peer reviewed literature and the principal program developer for two eLearning programs available nationally to support safe infant sleeping endorsed by SIDS and Kids and the Australian College of Midwives. She is a reviewer for national and international health research funding bodies and peer reviewed journals.

Jeanine is committed to the advancement of the nursing and midwifery professions through evidence-based practice, public health advocacy and primary prevention.

Research grants

Project name Investigator(s) Funding body Year

Keeping Indigenous mortality reductions on-track with on-line solutions: Innovative ways of supporting health professional to deliver safe sleeping information that meets the culturally specific needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families.

 Young J, Raven L, Higgins N.

Queensland Health Centre for Clinical Improvement. A$88,000


Intravascular device administration sets: Replacement after Standard Versus Prolonged use (The RSVP Trial).

Rickard C, Wallis M, Young J, Gowardman J, Whitby M, McMillan D, Fraser J, Zhang L,   McGrail M.

National Health and Medical Research Council. A$1,555,305.30


Health Professionals’ attitude, knowledge and beliefs regarding Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender parents seeking health care for their children.

Shields L, Young J, Chapman R, Zappia T, Watkins R, Nicol P, Berry K.

Nurses Memorial Trust Western Australia, A$10,000


Health Promotion Initiative for Raising Awareness of ways to reduce the risk of sudden infant death in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities: capacity building and partnership in safe infant sleeping health promotion.

Young J, Craigie L, Watson K, Raven L.

Indigenous Early Childhood Development Commonwealth Grants. A$140,000


Securement And Duration of paediatric Peripheral Intravenous Devices (SAD PIVD): an observational cohort study.

Malyon L, Ullman A, Young J, Phillips N, Kleidon T, Rickard C.

Children’s Health Queensland – Nursing Research Unit in-house support


The SAVE Trial: Securing All intraVenous devices Effectively in hospitals. A randomised controlled trial.

Rickard C, Fraser J, Webster J, Marshall A, Young J, Playford G, McMillan D, McGrail M,   Gowardman J, Thom O.

National Health and Medical Research Council. A$944,798.21


Reducing risk for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander babies: trial of a safe sleep enabler to reduce the risk of sudden unexpected deaths in infancy in high risk environments.

Young J, Craigie L, Kearney L, Cowan S, participating service teams: Ngarrama Antenatal and Birthing Project, Woorabinda, Townsville-Mackay Medicare Local, Logan Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Health Service, Apunipima Cape York Health Council

Closing the Gap: National Partnership Agreement on Indigenous Early Childhood Development 2013-2014, A$314,980


Reducing risk for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander babies: trial of a safe sleep enabler to reduce the risk of sudden unexpected deaths in infancy in high risk environments in remote communities.

Young J, Craigie L.

Infront Outback Research Grants for Rural and Remote Health. A$10,000.


Reducing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander infant mortality: the acceptability, feasibility and effectiveness of portable sleep space for babies.

Young J, Craigie L, Kearney L, Watson K, Cowan S.

Perpetual Philanthropy. A$143,560.00


Reducing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander infant mortality: the acceptability, feasibility and effectiveness of portable sleep space for babies.

 Young J, Craigie L, Watson K, Cowan S.

SIDS and Kids. A$50,088


Paediatric pain management: An action research cycle to improve practice.

Couch B, Supervisors: Kearney J, Young J, Camadoo L.

Wishlist Sunshine Coast Health Foundation Novice Researcher Grant. A$10,000


An evaluation of a safe sleep health promotion strategy amongst Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and health care providers.

Watson K, Young J (Supervisor).

ACCYPN Margaret Sullivan Research Scholarship. A$2500. Submitted August 2015.


Nurse led weaning of high flow nasal cannula oxygen in children <12 months with bronchiolitis.

Principal Investigator: Ms Michelle Elks (Paediatric nurse Educator SCH&HS). Co-Investigators: Prof J Young, Dr L Kearney, Assoc Prof Andreas Schibler.

Sunshine Coast Hospital & Health Service Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Scholarships. A$25,000.


Identifying the risk: a prospective cohort study examining postpartum haemorrhage in a regional Australian health service

Kearney L. Davenport L, Schafer K, Reed R, Young J.

Early career research grant (Wishlist). A$19,998.


A safe sleep health promotion strategy amongst Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and health care providers: IHW perspectives.

Investigator: Watson, K. Mentor: Young, J.

Roberta Taylor Rural and Remote Scholarship. A$4000.


Awareness, knowledge and attitudes towards infant care and safe sleeping practices in Queensland families: A prevalence study.

Investigators: Cole R, Supervisor: Young J, Kearney.

Wishlist Research Higher Degree Scholarship A$65,735.


Neonatal safe sleep enablers within maternity units: a pilot study.

Kearney L, Young J, Rutherford C.

Wishlist Research Grant Application Form: Early Career Researcher Category. A$19,993.05


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