Sustainability Management Committee

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Sustainability Management Committee


The Sustainability Management Committee was established to ensure that the needs of the current University community could be met without compromising the needs of future students and staff. The Committee advises on and monitors the impact of environmental, social and economic sustainability activities at USC, in order to evaluate success and drive continual improvements in these areas.

Terms of reference

Under its Terms of Reference, the Sustainability Management Committee has eight major areas of responsibility. These are:

  1. To advise on and provide strategic input into sustainability issues at USC.
  2. To facilitate and assist the advancement of sustainability goals at USC.
  3. To oversee the development and review of sustainability policy at USC and to monitor the implementation of the policy via the corporate reporting structure.
  4. To assist the University in retaining its status as an exemplar campus in sustainability.
  5. To foster and promote a collaborative culture of sustainability at USC.
  6. To facilitate sustainable USC campuses and to ensure that USC remains an exemplar in campus design.
  7. To inform the development of KPIs at USC and link to the USC Strategic Plan
  8. To support the embedding of sustainability principles in Research and Learning and Teaching at USC.


  • Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Chairperson)
  • Director, C-SALT
  • Director, Asset Management Services
  • Chief Financial Officer, Financial Services
  • Director, Human Resources
  • Director, Marketing and External Engagement
  • Director, Community Engagement
  • Director, Sustainability Research Centre
  • Director, Student Services and Engagement
  • Two University staff with expertise in social or environmental science, appointed by the Vice-Chancellor and President on the recommendation of the Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor
  • One undergraduate member and one postgraduate member of the student body, appointed by the Vice-Chancellor and President following a call for expressions of interest in joining the Committee
  • Co-opted
  • In attendance - Sustainability Officer
  • In attendance - Executive Officer
  • In attendance - Secretary

The Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor will chair the Sustainability Management Committee

The Deputy Chair will be a member of the Committee appointed, every two years, by the Vice-Chancellor and President.

Up to three additional members with expertise in areas relevant to the Committee’s work may be co-opted by the Committee, for a specified period, as required.

Tenure and frequency of meetings

  • Appointed staff members will serve for a period of two years and are eligible for reappointment.
  • Appointed student members will serve for a period of one year and are eligible for reappointment.
  • Additional members will serve on the committee for a specified period, no longer than one year.
  • The Sustainability Management Committee will meet no less than three times a year.
  • Working Groups established by the Committee will meet more frequently to maintain momentum and progress sustainability initiatives.
  • The Committee will review its Terms of Reference, evaluate its own performance at least every two years, engage in succession planning processes and regularly review its membership and composition.

Sustainability Management Committee minutes and agendas

Copies of the Sustainability Management Committee minutes and agendas are available on MyUSC under the relevant meeting folder.

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