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Parking at USC Sunshine Coast

ePermit220x140.pngUSC Sunshine Coast is a regulated parking area Monday–Friday, 8am–6pm all year (excluding public holidays).The University encourages the use of sustainable transport.

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University of the Sunshine Coast Land, Traffic and Parking Rules apply.
Parking on campus is at your own risk.
Observe the posted speed limits, drive slowly and protect our wildlife.

Parking availability refers to regulated parking zones adjoining the main campus ring road. Parking zones at the sport precinct and the free Claymore Road facility are not included in the count.

Parking spaces available (real-time)
Carpark Available spaces Capacity
P1 141 148
P2 (staff) 109 111
P3 (staff) 96 96
P4 77 77
P5 213 216
P6 152 178
P7a 126 128
P7 Ground 164 168
P7 L1 115 115
P7 L2 96 96
P7 L3 123 123
P8 42 49
P9 28 28
P10 83 83
P11 82 86
P11a 64 69
P12 (a, b & c) 397 397
P14 152 248
P15 488 532

Real-time parking information is not available for the following zones. The maximum capacities are listed below:

Carpark Capacity
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