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Enrolment data is at Census 1 2016.

Student enrolments

Total: 11,602
On campus: 11,494 (99.1%)
Off campus: 108 (0.9%)

Domestic: 10,238 (88.2%)
International: 1,364 (11.8%)

Female: (63.6%)
Male: (36.4%)

Enrolments at Census 1
Year Student numbers
2016 11,602 (11.1% growth on previous year)
2015 10,447  
2014 9,652  
2013 8,904  
2012 8,139  
Program type enrolments
Program type Student numbers % of total
Undergraduate 9,462 81.6%
Postgraduate coursework 810 7.0%
Higher degree by research 317 2.7%
Non-award 1,013 8.7%
Faculty enrolments *
Faculty Student numbers % of total
Arts, Business and Law 4,867 41.9%
Science, Health, Education and Engineering 6,360 54.8%
Non-faculty 375 3.2%

* Non-award programs are included in Non-faculty totals, except for Tertiary Preparation Pathway (TPP) which is reported under the Faculty of Science, Health, Education and Engineering.

Age of students

Under 21 years: 4,963 (42.8%)
21 years and over: 6,639 (57.2%)

Average age: 25
Median Age: 21

First in family to attend university as an undergraduate

The University continued to achieve its aim of enabling access to university education, with 49.1 percent of the students undertaking a Bachelor Pass, Bachelors Graduate Entry, Bachelors Honours, Associate Degree or Diploma being the first in their family to attend university.

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Permanent home residence of on campus students

The Sunshine Coast community showed high demand for the University with more than 63 percent of on campus students being permanent residents on the Sunshine Coast.

Permanent address Students Percent
Sunshine Coast 7,245 63.0%
Brisbane 323 2.8%
Fraser Coast 433 3.8%
Gympie 398 3.5%
Moreton Bay 1,277 11.1%
Somerset 17 0.1%
Other Queensland 333 2.9%
Interstate 129 1.1%
Overseas 1,339 11.6%
Total 11,494 100%

International student enrolments

Total: 1,364
On campus: 1,326

Number of countries represented: 67

Top five countries

The top five source countries for international students are:

  • India
  • Nepal
  • China
  • United States
  • Germany

Student satisfaction

86 percent of the University’s undergraduates v were satisfied vv with the overall quality of their entire educational experience at the University according to the 2015 Student Experience Survey vvv.

v Includes commencing, middle-year and later-year domestic and international students.
vv Includes rating of 3 and 4 on a four point scale ranging from 1 (poor) to 4 (excellent).
vvv The 2015 Student Experience Survey (SES) is the latest available survey data. The SES is a national survey of undergraduate students coordinated by the Social Research Centre (SRC) on behalf of the Australian Government.


Graduate numbers

The University has conferred awards to 17,513 students up to the end of October 2016. Since the first graduation ceremony in 1999, 1,646 graduates from the University of the Sunshine Coast have graduated with at least one other degree with 19,385 awards conferred in total.

Graduate outcomes

90 percent of the University’s Australian resident undergraduates were employed full-time or part-time, or enrolled in full-time study based on responses to the 2015 Australian Graduate Survey v.

v The 2015 Australian Graduate Survey (AGS) is the latest available survey data. The AGS is a national survey of university graduates coordinated by Graduate Careers Australia (GCA) and conducted by Australian universites.

Staff i  

Academic staff (FTE): 360
Academic staff with postgraduate qualifications: 90%

All staff: 906

i Full-time equivalent excluding casual staff, 31 March 2016.

Sunshine Coast Economic and Community profiles

For profiles on the Sunshine Coast region refer to:


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