My Tertiary Education Day (MyTED) Project

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My Tertiary Education Day (MyTED) Project


Children and young people cannot aspire to attend tertiary education if they are not aware of the opportunities available to them.

In 2015 we have 220 students across six primary schools participating in the MyTED project.

Project title

My Tertiary Education Day: Encouraging primary school students to consider tertiary education opportunities.

About the project

The purpose of the project is to encourage primary school aged children and their parents from LSES backgrounds to consider higher education opportunities through the development of an interactive eBook. The eBook focuses on literacies, particularly digital literacies. The literacy component will support students in their language development (written, oral, spatial and digital). The project is a multi-strategic outreach initiative targeting primary schools on the Sunshine Coast, the Wide-Bay-Burnett area and Regional Queensland through university wide and TAFE collaboration with key stakeholders, which includes an on-campus university experience day. The eBook will provide a resource for future outreach projects.

My Tertiary Education Day is a multi-layered project consisting of three phases. It provides an innovative framework for investigating the aspirations of year 4 students for participation in higher education. MyTED is a three phase research project which aims to: i) Enhance the capacity of primary school aged children and their parents from low SES backgrounds to aspire to attend tertiary education through an interactive eBook ii) Develop a multi-strategic outreach project targeting primary schools in the region.

Phase 1

Phase 1 involves students participating in four lessons delivered by the MyTED team in their classrooms. The lessons start with students recognising the aspirations of others and then focus on their own aspirations for the future. Students participate as co-researchers and investigate their aspirations through the use of Photovoice. Photovoice involves students taking photographs of objects that represent their aspirations and then contextualising the photographs.

Phase 2

Phase 2 is a stage of awakening aspirations where the students listen to stories from USC staff that had a non-traditional pathway to university outlining the barriers and enablers to their success. They also interact with the MyTED eBook “Ready, Set, Jump” about the life of Edwina the kangaroo and her desire to attend school. This phase culminates with an excursion to the USC campus that involves an interactive tour and a range of activities.

Phase 3

Phase 3 provides another Photovoice opportunity for students to further investigate their aspirations in light of their enhanced knowledge of a tertiary education environment. Students analyse whether their aspirations are the same as before the MyTED project or they are now different.

Results of the investigation inform the development of a multi-strategic outreach project for primary schools and the publication of the eBook.

Project team

Participating schools - 2015
  • Amamoor State School
  • Cooloola Christian College
  • Gympie Central State School
  • One Mile State School (Gympie)
  • Proston State School
  • St Patrick's Catholic Primary School (Gympie)
Participating schools - 2014
  • One Mile State School
  • Riverside Christian College
  • Proston State School
  • Cooloola Christian College
  • Longreach State School
  • Our Lady’s School (Longreach)
  • Longreach School of distance education
  • Riverside Christian College School of distance education.
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