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Faculty of Science, Health, Education and Engineering courses


Elective courses

  • Elective courses may be part of your program and must be completed.
  • Electives allow you the freedom to tailor your program toward your personal or professional interests.
  • Some programs have a restriction on the number of 100 level courses you are allowed to study, so remember that when you choose your electives.



Rules for majors and minors

  • A major consists of eight courses, a minor consists of four courses.
  • Students may select courses which contribute to any major or minor offered in the university providing they comply with the requirements of the degree program in which they are enrolled.
  • Courses credited to a student's academic record for prior learning may also count towards majors and minors where those courses are equivalent to courses listed in the relevant major or minor
  • The required prerequisites must be completed before enrolling in advanced courses.

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