Applied and Environmental Microbiology

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Applied and Environmental Microbiology


Minor (4)

For a minor in Applied and Environmental Microbiology, students must successfully complete 4 courses:

Required courses (4):

CourseUsual teaching session of offerRequisites
CHM202 Organic ChemistrySemester 2Pre: SCI105 or SCI505
Anti: CHM502
LFS261 MicrobiologySemester 1Pre: SCI104 or SCI103 or LFS100 or (LFS103 and enrolled in Program SC374 or SC367)
Anti: MEP263 or MBT263
MBT301 Pharmaceutical and Food MicrobiologySemester 1Pre: MBT263 or LFS261
MBT361 Applied Microbiology and BiotechnologySemester 1Pre: MBT263 or LFS261
Anti: MBT363 or MBT364

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