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Subject to prior approval, many students in any of USC's faculties may undertake a four-course minor or an eight-course major in Sustainability as part of their degree.

These study areas are designed for those seeking to make a difference and to become innovators in sustainability. USC has a strong research focus on sustainability with the establishment of the Sustainability Research Centre and defines sustainability as being "the enhancement of communities into the indefinite future without impinging on the value of natural systems".

Sustainability is achieved through promoting equity within and between generations, conservation of biodiversity and natural systems, and wise use of resources. Sustainability enhances the interdependency and resilience of economic, environmental and social systems.

Studying this major will greatly assist students who are interested in developing their innovation and adaptable problem-solving skills for a rapidly changing world.

Major (8)

The Sustainability major is administered by the Faculty of Science, Health, Education and Engineering.

For a major in Sustainability, students must successfully complete 8 courses:

Required courses (4)

CourseUsual teaching session of offerRequisites
SUS101 Foundations of SustainabilitySemester 1 
SUS201 Measuring SustainabilitySemester 1 
SUS202 Communicating SustainabilitySemester 2 
SUS302 Sustainability Problem SolvingSemester 2 

Plus select 4 sustainability related courses from the specified lists below:

Faculty of Science, Health, Education and Engineering courses:

CourseUsual teaching session of offerRequisites
ENS221 Plant Diversity and EcologySemester 1Pre: SCI102
Anti: ENS201
ENS222 Terrestrial Vertebrate Diversity and EcologySemester 2Pre: SCI102
ENS281 Introduction to Sustainable Energy SystemsSemester 1 
ENS300 Environmental and Resource EconomicsSemester 1Anti: ENS700
ENS310 Climate Change AdaptationSemester 1Anti: ENS710
ENS317 Coastal Conservation PlanningSemester 1Pre: SCI110
ENS320 Introduction to Climate Change MitigationSemester 2Anti: ENS711
ENS351 Integrated Environmental ManagementSemester 1Anti: ESS351
PUB102 Environment and HealthSemester 2Anti: SCI109 or PUB709
PUB262 Environmental Health Risk ManagementSemester 2Anti: CPH262 or PUB762
SCI102 Biodiversity and EcologySemester 2Anti: ENS102
WPL310 Workplace Learning ISemester1,2 & Various SessionsPre: Permission required for enrolment – please contact the Course Coordinator.

Faculty of Arts and Business courses:

CourseUsual teaching session of offerRequisites
BUS102 Introduction to EconomicsSemester 1, Semester 2 
ENP211 Planning and Environmental LawSemester 1Pre: 2 courses or enrolled in Program AR505 or AR605
Anti: ENP210 or ENP702
ENP236 Regions, Change and SustainabilitySemester 2Pre: Any 2 courses or enrolled in Program AR505, AR605, XP601 or UP601
ENP365 Participation and Conflict ResolutionSemester 2Pre: 8 courses including 3 ENP coded courses
Anti: ENP265
SCS201 International Community Development and Global JusticeSemester 1Pre: Any 2 courses or enrolled in Program AR505, AR605, AR707, XP601 or UP601
TSM221 Tourism and Leisure Policy and PlanningSemester 2Pre: TSM102
TSM223 Sustainable Tourism, Leisure and Event ManagementSemester 2 

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