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Major (8) *

For a major in Psychology, students must successfully complete 8 courses:

CourseSemester of offerRequisites
PSY100 Introduction to Psychology ASemester 1 & Session 8 
PSY101 Introduction to Psychology BSemester 2 
PSY200 Research Methods in Psychology ASemester 1Pre: PSY100 and PSY101
PSY201 Research Methods in Psychology BSemester 2Pre: PSY100 and PSY101

PLUS select 4 courses from:

CourseSemester of offerRequisites
PSY202 Physiological PsychologySemester 1Pre: PSY100 and PSY101
PSY203 Introduction to Human DevelopmentSemester 1Pre: PSY100 and PSY101
PSY204 Social PsychologySemester 2Pre: PSY100 and PSY101
PSY205 Motivation and EmotionSemester 2Pre: PSY100 and PSY101
PSY300 Advanced Methods in PsychologySemester 1Pre: PSY200 and PSY201
PSY301 Cognitive and Perceptual PsychologySemester 2Pre: PSY200 and PSY201
PSY302 Intercultural and Indigenous PsychologiesSemester 1Pre: PSY200 and PSY201
PSY303 Personality and AssessmentSemester 1Pre: PSY200 and PSY201
PSY304 Human Associative LearningSemester 2Pre: PSY200 and PSY201

* Bachelor of Arts students completing the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council accredited sequence in Psychology must successfully complete all 13 courses listed above plus PSY305 Abnormal Psychology.

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