Faculty of Science, Health, Education and Engineering undergraduate elective courses

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Faculty of Science, Health, Education and Engineering undergraduate elective courses


Elective courses

  • Elective courses in your program structure must be completed
  • Elective courses allow you the freedom to tailor your program toward your personal or professional interests
  • Most programs have a restriction on the number of introductory level courses (100 coded) you are allowed to study, so please check your program requirements before selecting elective courses
  • Some courses may also include a compulsory field trip, requiring payment of an additional fee and may be held outside of the regular teaching weeks, ie on weekends or during semester breaks
  • Elective courses may be used to add a major or minor area of study to your program (Faculty of Arts, Business and Law majors and minors or Faculty of Science, Health, Education and Engineering majors and minors)
Introductory level elective courses (100 coded)

CourseSemester of offerRequisites
ENG101 Engineering Professional PracticeSemester 1 
ENS103 Earth's Surface ProcessesSemester 1 
ENS120 Introduction to Environmental ManagementSemester 1 
HLT133 Trends in Health and Community CareSemester 1Anti: NUR121
HLT134 Contexts of Community CareSemester 2 
HLT140 Think HealthSemester 1 
HLT150 Indigenous Wellbeing FoundationsSemester 2 
LFS100 Cell BiologySemester 1, Semester 2Anti: SCI103 or LFS101
LFS112 Human PhysiologySemester 2Anti: LFS201 or LFS202 or NUR102 or NUR201
LFS122 Human AnatomySemester 2 & Session 8 
MLS110 HaematologySemester 2Pre: Enrolled in Program SC211 or SC355 or UU301 or XU301
MLS121 HistologySemester 2Pre: LFS100 and enrolled in Program SC211 or UU301 or XU301
Co: LFS112
MTH100 Introduction to MathematicsSemester 1Anti: MTH101
MTH102 Mathematics FoundationsSemester 1, Semester 2Anti: MTH101
NUT101 Introduction to NutritionSemester 1Pre: Enrolled in Program SC354 or a Public Health Nutrition Minor or enrolled in Program XU301 or UU301
NUT102 Food in SocietySemester 2Anti: NUT211
OES104 Learning in Australian LandscapesSemester 2Pre: Enrolled in Program ED112, XU301 or UU301
Anti: OES100 or OES101
PUB102 Environment and HealthSemester 2Anti: SCI109 or PUB709
PUB104 Introduction to Behavioural HealthSemester 1 
PUB112 Public Health FoundationsSemester 2Anti: SCI111 or CPH251 or PUB251 or PUB712
SCI102 Biodiversity and EcologySemester 2Anti: ENS102
SCI105 ChemistrySemester 1, Semester 2Anti: SCI505
SCI107 PhysicsSemester 1Anti: SCI108 or SCI507
SCI110 Science Research MethodsSemester 1, Semester 2Anti: SCI201 or CPH261
SCI113 Discovering ScienceSemester 1 
SET111 Environment, Technology and Sustainability Semester 2Anti: COR111
SPX101 Introduction to Sport and Exercise ScienceSemester 1 
SPX102 Introduction to Coaching ScienceSemester 2Anti: SPX321
SPX121 Exercise Prescription and Programming ISemester 2Pre: Enrolled in Program SC344, SC346, SC347, SC110, UU301 or XU301
Anti: SPX212

Advanced level elective courses (200, 300 or 400 coded) 

CourseSemester of offerRequisites
ANM203 Statistics with Teeth: Understanding Ecological DataSemester 2Pre: SCI110
BIM202 Genes in Health and DiseaseSemester 1Pre: LFS100
BIM203 Blood Banking and Transfusion SciencesSemester 2Pre: LFS112 and MLS110
Anti: MLS212
BIM263 Introduction to PharmacologySemester 2Pre: LFS201 or (LFS112 and LFS122)
Anti: BIM261
BIM303 Introduction to Clinical Trial CoordinationSession 5Pre: BIM263 and permission required for enrolment – please contact the Course Coordinator.
BIM331 ImmunologySemester 1Pre: MBT263 or LFS261 or MEP263 or MEP252 or LFS202
Anti: MEP254 or MBT354
BIM341 Biochemical PharmacologySemester 1Pre: MBT251 or LFS251
Anti: MBT351
CHM202 Organic ChemistrySemester 2Pre: SCI105 or SCI505
Anti: CHM502
CHM210 Inorganic ChemistrySemester 2Pre: SCI105
Anti: CHM212
CHM310 Physical ChemistrySemester 1Pre: SCI105
CHM311 Medicinal Organic ChemistrySemester 2Pre: CHM202
CHM312 Green Chemistry for Industry and Energy ProductionSemester 1Pre: CHM202 or CHM210
EDU208 Professional Experience: Learning Theories in Early LearningSemester 1Pre: EDU109
EDU302 E-Learning LeaderSession 1 & 5 
EDU307 The English LanguageSemester 1, Semester 2 
EDU310 Professional Learning: Learning EngagementSemester 1Pre: EDU210
Anti: EDU610
EDU351 Alternative Schooling PedagogiesSession 1Pre: EDU100 or EDU101
EDU371 Contexts of Disability and DifferencesSession 5 
ENG203 Engineering Computer ProgrammingSemester 1Co: MTH102
ENG312 Soil Mechanics Semester 2Anti: CIV2403 USQ Equivalent Course)
ENG330 Engineering HydrologySemester 2Pre: SCI110 and MTH202
ENG336 Engineering System DesignSemester 2Pre: ENG228 or MEC2301
Anti: MEC3303
ENG402 Engineering Project 2Semester 1, Semester 2Pre: ENG401
ENG411 Reservoir and Stormwater EngineeringSemester 1Pre: MTH202 and (ENS314 or ENG330)
ENG412 Design of Wastewater Treatment SystemsSemester 2Pre: ENG202 or ENG1100
ENG421 Design of Water Supply SystemsSemester 1Pre: ENG202 or ENG1100
ENG422 Design of Roads and DrainageSemester 1Anti: ENV3104 USQ equivalent course)
ENS213 Invertebrate Biology and EcologySemester 1Pre: SCI102
ENS214 Animal HabitatsSemester 1Pre: SCI102
ENS221 Plant Diversity and EcologySemester 1Pre: SCI102
Anti: ENS201
ENS222 Terrestrial Vertebrate Diversity and EcologySemester 2Pre: SCI102
ENS224 Soil Properties, Processes and Rehabilitation*Semester 2Pre: ENS103
ENS242 Introduction to Weather and ClimateSemester 2 
ENS253 An Introduction to Geographic Information Science and TechnologySemester 1 
ENS254 Satellite Image Analysis and SurveyingSemester 2 
ENS281 Introduction to Sustainable Energy SystemsSemester 1 
ENS282 Coastal and Marine EcologySemester 1 
ENS300 Environmental and Resource EconomicsSemester 1Anti: ENS700
ENS305 Environmental ChemistrySemester 2Pre: SCI105
ENS310 Climate Change AdaptationSemester 1Anti: ENS710
ENS314 Climate and Hydrology SystemsSemester 1Anti: ENS714
ENS315 Numerical Techniques in EcologySemester 1Pre: ANM203
ENS316 Wildlife Ecology and ConservationSemester 1Pre: ENS222
ENS317 Coastal Conservation PlanningSemester 1Pre: SCI110
ENS318 Plant Growth and Reproduction Semester 2 
ENS320 Introduction to Climate Change MitigationSemester 2Anti: ENS711
ENS323 Agricultural and Forest Ecology Semester 2Pre: SCI110
ENS324 Advanced GeneticsSemester 2Pre: LFS100 or SCI102
ENS330 K'gari-Fraser Island Field StudiesSession 8Pre: SCI110
ENS351 Integrated Environmental ManagementSemester 1Anti: ESS351
ENS353 Applied Spatial Analysis and GeoprocessingSemester 2Pre: ENS253
ENS371 AquacultureSemester 1Anti: ESS371
GEO201 Hydrology and GeomorphologySemester 1 
GEO301 Biogeography: Mapping with DronesSemester 1 
GEO302 Coastal GeomorphologySemester 2 
HLT301 Contexts of Practice: Mental Health CareSemester 1 & Session 8Anti: PAR341 or NUR301
LFS201 Systemic Physiology ISemester 1Pre: LFS112
LFS202 Systemic Physiology IISemester 2Pre: LFS201
LFS251 BiochemistrySemester 1Pre: SCI105 and LFS100
Anti: MBT251
LFS252 Molecular BiologySemester 2Pre: SCI104 or SCI103 or LFS100
Anti: MBT252
LFS262 Medical MicrobiologySemester 2Pre: MBT263 or LFS261 or MEP263
Anti: MEP252 or MEP253 or MBT253
LFS303 PathophysiologySemester 1Pre: LFS201 and LFS202
Anti: LFS302 or NUR221 or PAR221 or HLT221
MBT254 Biotechnology: Research to ProductSemester 2Pre: LFS100 and SCI105
MBT301 Pharmaceutical and Food MicrobiologySemester 1Pre: MBT263 or LFS261
MBT352 Molecular BiotechnologySemester 2Pre: MBT252 or LFS252
MBT353 Microbial PathogenesisSemester 2Pre: MBT263 or LFS261
Anti: MEP351
MBT355 BioinformaticsSemester 1Pre: LFS252 or SCI212 or BIM202
MBT361 Applied Microbiology and BiotechnologySemester 1Pre: MBT263 or LFS261
Anti: MBT363 or MBT364
MLS210 Advanced HaematologySemester 1Pre: MLS110
MLS211 Medical BiochemistrySemester 2Pre: LFS251
MTH202 Calculus and AlgebraSemester 1, Semester 2Pre: MTH101 or MTH102
Anti: MTH502
MTH212 Discrete MathematicsSemester 2Pre: MTH101 or MTH102
Anti: MTH512
MTH301 Reading in Advanced MathematicsSemester 1, 2 & Session 8Pre: Permission required for enrolment – please contact the Course Coordinator.
MTH302 Applied MathematicsSemester 2Pre: MTH202
MTH312 Numerical AnalysisSemester 2Pre: MTH202
Anti: MTH532
MTH381 Applied Systems ModellingSemester 1Pre: MTH202
Anti: ENS381
NUT201 Food StudiesSemester 1Pre: SCI105
Anti: FSN201
NUT202 Nutrition AssessmentSemester 2Pre: NUT201 and NUT212
NUT205 Public Health NutritionSemester 2Pre: (NUT211 or NUT102) and PUB112
NUT212 Principles of NutritionSemester 1Pre: LFS112 or (LFS201 and LFS202) or SPX103
Anti: FSN212
NUT232 Nutritional BiochemistrySemester 2Pre: MBT251 or LFS251
Anti: BIM212 or BIM352 or BIM252
NUT301 Advanced Public Health NutritionSemester 2Pre: NUT352 and NUT205
NUT352 Contemporary Issues in NutritionSemester 1Pre: NUT202 and (NUT205 or NUT232) and enrolled in Program SC353, SC354, AB101, UU301 or XU301
NUT401 Nutrition and Dietetics Research and Evaluation 24 unitsSemester 1, Semester 2Pre: NUT301 and NUT312 and PUB361
Anti: ADR401 or RES401
NUT402 Individual Case Management 24 unitsSemester 1, Semester 2Pre: NUT301 and NUT302 and NUT312 and NUT361 and NUT400
NUT404 Community and Public Health NutritionSemester 1, Semester 2Pre: NUT301 and NUT302 and NUT312 and NUT361 and NUT400
Co: NUT402 and NUT403
NUT405 Nutrition and Dietetic Practice ManagementSession 7Pre: NUT301 and NUT302 and NUT312 and NUT361 and NUT400
Anti: NUT331
PHY201 Fluids, Waves and ThermodynamicsSemester 2Pre: (SCI107 or SCI507 or ENG1101 and (MTH202 or MTH502
Anti: PHY501
OCC201 Occupational Therapy TheorySemester 1Pre: OCC102 and LFS112 and LFS122 and PSY100 and PSY101
OES240 Leading Groups in Outdoor EnvironmentsSemester 1Pre: OES101 or enrolled in Program ED112
Co: OES100
PHY201 Fluids, Waves and ThermodynamicsSemester 2Pre: (SCI107 or SCI507 or ENG1101 and (MTH202 or MTH502
Anti: PHY501
PUB205 Food Safety: Laws, Regulations and Quality AssuranceSemester 2Anti: NUT322
PUB210 Concepts of EpidemiologySemester 2 
PUB252 Health Promotion Needs Assessment and PlanningSemester 1Anti: CPH252 or PUB722
PUB262 Environmental Health Risk ManagementSemester 2Anti: CPH262 or PUB762
PUB271 Health Promotion PrinciplesSemester 1Anti: PUB721
PUB272 Health Promotion SettingsSemester 2Anti: PUB704 and PUB742
PUB351 Health Promotion Implementation and EvaluationSemester 2 
PUB352 Public Health ProjectSemester 1Pre: (PUB252 or PUB722 and (PUB351 or PUB731
Anti: PUB732
PUB361 Epidemiology and BiostatisticsSemester 1Pre: SCI110 or SCI201 or CPH261 or enrolled in Program SC505, SC511, SC611, SC711, UU301 or XU301
Anti: CPH361 or PUB761
SCI202 Advanced Research Methods and StatisticsSemester 2Pre: SCI110 or CPH261 or SCI201 or SCI108 or BUS101 or ENG2102 or enrolled in Program BU323, UU301 or XU301
Anti: ANM203
SCI212 GeneticsSemester 2Pre: LFS100
SCI302 Analytical SciencesSemester 1Pre: SCI105
SCI303 BiosecuritySemester 1 
SPX201 Functional AnatomySemester 1Pre: LFS122
SPX202 Biomechanics ISemester 2Pre: LFS122
SPX211 Exercise Physiology ISemester 2Pre: LFS112 or LFS201
SPX221 Introduction to Sports MedicineSemester 1Pre: LFS122
SPX222 Sport and Exercise PsychologySemester 2Pre: PSY100 or PUB104 or SPX101 or SPX102
SPX231 Motor Control and LearningSemester 1Pre: LFS122 or SPX103
SPX301 Exercise in Cardiorespiratory and Metabolic HealthSemester 2Pre: SPX211
SPX302 Exercise in Musculoskeletal HealthSemester 2Pre: SPX221 and (SPX201 or SPX202)
SPX312 Performance EnhancementSemester 2Pre: SPX322 and SPX331
SPX322 Biomechanics IISemester 1Pre: SPX202
SPX331 Exercise Physiology IISemester 1Pre: SPX211
SPX352 Sports NutritionSemester 2Pre: FSN212 or NUT212 or SPX211
SPX361 Physical Education Studies ASemester 1 
SPX362 Physical Education Studies BSemester 2 
SPX371 Advanced Coaching ScienceSemester 1Pre: SPX102 and SPX202 and SPX211 and SPX212 and SPX231
SRP301 Special Research ProjectSemester 1, 2 & Session 8Pre: Permission required for enrolment, please contact the Course Coordinator
SRP321 Special Research Project 24 unitsSemester 1, 2 & Session 8Pre: Permission required for enrolment, please contact the Course Coordinator.
WPL310 Workplace Learning ISemester 1, 2 & Session 4 & 8Pre: Permission required for enrolment – please contact the Course Coordinator.
WPL311 Workplace Learning ISemester1,2 & Various SessionsPre: Permission required for enrolment – please contact the Course Coordinator
WPL320 Workplace Learning II 24 unitsSemester 1, 2 & Session 4 & 8Pre: Permission required for enrolment – please contact the Course Coordinator.

† Subject to special entry requirements. Course coordinator approval only.
* Subject to approval and/or not available until further notice.


Enabling courses

Enabling courses are offered to support you in achieving academic success. Courses are held before the start of each semester, and as weekly tutorials throughout the teaching year.

The Tertiary Enabling Program (TEP) offers a range of enabling courses in key areas. These courses allow you to learn new skills, refresh your knowledge, and increase your potential for excellent results in your undergraduate degree program.

Enabling courses are free-of-charge to Commonwealth-supported and International students, they don’t count towards your degree and they have no impact on your overall university grades.

CourseSemester of offerRequisites
ENB121 Enabling Chemistry 6 unitsSemester 1, Semester 2 
ENB122 Enabling General Mathematics 6 unitsSemester 1, Semester 2 
ENB123 Enabling Mathematics for Physics 6 unitsSemester 1 
ENB124 Enabling Statistics 6 unitsSemester 1, Semester 2 
ENB125 Enabling Biology 6 unitsSemester 1, Semester 2 
ENB126 Enabling Physiology 6 unitsSemester 2 

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