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Prosthetics and Orthotics


Extended Major (11)

Only students enrolled in the Bachelor of Health Science are eligible to undertake the Prosthetics and Orthotics Extended Major.

For a extended major in Prosthetics and Orthotics, students must successfully complete the following 11 courses:

Required courses (11)

CourseSemester of offerRequisites
ENG202 Introduction to Engineering DesignSemester 2Pre: Enrolled in Program (SC367 and Prosthetics and Orthotics Extended Major), SC410, SC411. SC425, SC430, UU301 or XU301
Anti: ENG1100 USQ equivalent course)
ENG225 Engineering MaterialsSemester 1Pre: MTH102 and enrolled in Program SC367, SC410, SC411, SC425, SC377, UU301 or XU301
Anti: MEC1201
HLT221 Human PathophysiologySemester 1Pre: LFS112 or HLT100 and enrolled in Program SC211, SC367, SC391, SC392, SC394, SC395,SC346. UU301 or XU301
Anti: LFS302 or LFS303 or NUR221 or PAR221
HLT320 Clinical Foundations in ProstheticsSemester 2Pre: HLT204 (except for Sem 2 2017) and enrolled in SC367 with a Prosthetics & Orthotics Extended Major
HLT321 Below Knee OrthoticsSession 1Pre: LFS112 and SPX201 and SPX202
HLT322 Above Knee OrthoticsSemester 1Pre: LFS112 and SPX201 and SPX202
HLT323 Trans-Tibial ProstheticsSession 4Pre: LFS112 and SPX201 and SPX202
HLT324 Trans-Femoral ProstheticsSemester 2Pre: LFS112 and SPX201 and SPX202
HLT325 Prosthetics and Orthotics Practicum 24 unitsSemester 2Pre: HLT320 and HLT322
Co: HLT323 and HLT324
SPX202 Biomechanics ISemester 2Pre: LFS122
SPX322 Biomechanics IISemester 1Pre: SPX202

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