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The Study Abroad program is available to International students only.

Note: Current course lists are subject to change depending on course availability.

Course lists are for Study Abroad undergraduate students only. Study Abroad postgraduate students should contact USC International for a list of courses available to study.

Important information to consider when choosing your courses
What course level should I choose?

  • What is an introductory course? (100 level courses)
  • What is an advanced level course? (200 or 300 level courses)
  • What is a 400 level course?
What are course requisites?
  • What is a prerequisite?
  • How do I meet a prerequisite?
  • What is a co-requisite?
  • What is an anti-requisite?
What else should I consider?
  • How many courses should I choose?
  • How should I let USC know what courses I want to study?
  • How many courses can I study?
  • What happens if I start a course and it is not suitable for me?

You should read the course outline of the courses you select carefully to consider if the outline, learning outcomes and assessment tasks align with your prior knowledge and study goals.

All courses should be approved by your home institution if you are receiving credit transfer for your studies completed at USC.

Refer to the explanation of terms for definitions of other words commonly used at university.

For more information, contact USC International.


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