WannaCry Ransomware continues to be a global problem

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WannaCry Ransomware continues to be a global problem


Ransomware warning

18 May 2017

There is currently a global ‘ransomware’ security issue (commonly called WannaCry) with some USC devices not immune.

If you see a pop up (on the USC PC you are using) that looks similar to the one below, please:

  1. Hold the power button on your PC (for about 10 seconds) until it turns off.
  2. Do NOT turn the computer back on.
  3. Call the Student IT Help Desk on 54594455.

To help keep your personal device safe, please make sure all Windows updates have been installed.

Many USC PCs successfully received essential updates overnight but have yet to be restarted to finalise the installation process.

If you have been prompted to restart the computer you are working on, please do so at the earliest opportunity. To facilitate the installation of any other updates that may be required, for the remainder of the week please shut your computer down at the end of each day.

WannaCry ransomware continues to be a global problem. One reporting service shows that more than 1000 PCs are newly infected each hour and over 280,000 have been infected to date. See the map and timeline of its distribution.

​The majority of USC's servers and client computers are protected against existing WannaCry variants and we've yet to see an infected USC computer. However, ACCTS and IT staff are still actively finding and updating potentially vulnerable computers, particularly those that have only been infrequently connected to the network or have a special / non-standard configuration.

We're grateful for the cooperation that we've received from each of you and welcome your continued support as we work to protect USC's data.​

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