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What to wear to graduation

It can be difficult to know how you should dress for Graduation. Don't be caught out thinking your outfit won't be seen - your graduation robe will be fully open at the front. The dress code on your invitation is business attire which means you should dress as though you were going to a job interview. But, even armed with that information, there are still some tricks to making sure you look good, feel comfortable and are ready to celebrate on the day.

Men: A long sleeved shirt with a tie and dress pants will look great. Your graduation robes come with a coloured hood to designate your degree and this will be held in place by looping over a button. Your tie will sit on top. Make sure the shirt fits well and avoid lightweight fabric and open-necked shirts as the weight of the hood will pull the fabric up at the front. Wearing a jacket under the gown can be hot and bulky and is not recommended.

Women: Tailored, well-fitting tops and bodices are ideal to hold your hood in place and prevent it from slipping off your shoulders. The hood will be pinned to the front of your outfit near the middle of your chest. This can be challenging if your outfit has a high neck or is very low-cut. A shirt or blouse with buttons can be a good option but avoid lightweight fabrics or loose fitting tops as the weight of the hood will pull the fabric up at the front. Dresses and skirts both look great but remember that you'll be up on the stage so consider the length carefully. Dressy or work-wear style pants are also a great option.

Colour: Check this guide if you'd like to match the colour of your outfit to the hood that you'll be wearing as part of your academic dress

Shoes: Dress shoes are ideal. Choose something that you'll be comfortable in as you will be walking across the stage and may need to stand for longer periods of time. Make sure you can walk confidently and remember that the stage surface might be a little slippery. Don't let this be you!

Hair: Your trencher (your graduation hat) fits firmly over your head so avoid hairstyles or accessories that will interfere with this. Hat hair is pretty standard for graduation day... but don't worry you get to keep your trencher so you can wear it home!

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