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Office 365 for students FAQs


Is Microsoft Office 365 free?

Yes, Microsoft Office 365 is offered by Microsoft totally free of charge.

Who administers Microsoft Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 is provided by Microsoft. USC manages the account and Microsoft ensure availability of the service.

I can't login. What should I do?

Make sure that you're entering your username and password correctly. For further assistance contact the IT Service Desk at

Where do I log in to access my Microsoft Office 365 account?

To log in to Microsoft Office 365 please visit: USC Mail

What is the message's maximum size (including attachments)?

Details on the maximum size of your emails, attachments, inbox and SkyDrive.

Can I forward my Microsoft Office 365 email to another account like Gmail or Yahoo! Mail?

Yes. However, we encourage you to get familiar with all that Office 365 has to offer and use it as your primary e-mail system. Also, all official USC correspondence with you will be sent to your Office 365 account. If you still wish to forward messages to another account, please visit for instructions.

Will Microsoft Office 365 support IMAP or POP?

Yes. Click here for instructions on how to set up Office 365 for mobile devices.

Will Microsoft provide recovery of student emails?

Once a student has deleted an e-mail it stays in the trash or recycling folder for approximately 15 days. After that the e-mail is deleted from the servers and cannot be recovered.

How long are Office 365 backups kept for?

No backups are kept of Office 365.

Do these e-mail accounts ever expire?

The Office 365 account is yours to keep forever and will not terminate when you complete your studies at USC.

Can I check my email using my mobile phone?

Yes. There are a three ways to check your Office 365 mail using an Internet-enabled phone:

  • Using a mail client on your phone
  • Using your phone's web browser
  • If your mobile device supports Exchange ActiveSync

Which web browsers can I use to access Office 365?

You can access Office 365 and the Web management interface in almost any Web browser, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and most other Web browsers on computers running UNIX, Mac OS or Windows.

Here is a detailed list of Office 365 compatible browsers.

How does Microsoft Office 365 handle spam?

There are a number of ways used to combat spam in Office 365:

  • SmartScreen Technology learns to detect spam based on you reporting spam in your inbox.
  • SenderID Framework matches the sender's email address against their IP address to protect against spoofing.

About 95% of all spam and 99% of image-based spam are blocked. While spam traffic has increased 40% across the Internet, Microsoft Live spam is down 80% over the past year thanks to our spam-fighting technology.

When you use the web interface all e-mail undergoes a virus check/scan. However, since the anti-virus tools are server side, this does not apply if you use a device’s application to retrieve your email.

Can I perform message filtering from the webmail interface?

Yes, absolutely. This capability is available under the Options setting and is a process that is set up by each individual user accessing email through the web interface.

Is there an ability to "trust" and "block" an email address directly from the webmail interface?

Yes. We support "allowed" and "blocked" users, this is again available under the Options setting via the web interface.

Will someone from Microsoft be reading my email?

No, Microsoft will not read your email. For more details see Microsoft's statements on this here and here. While an automated process indexes your email content for fast search retrieval no humans at Microsoft will be looking at your email.

Will Microsoft or USC have the ability to investigate email accounts they're providing through the Microsoft Office 365 program?

By opening and using your account you agree and consent that the University of the Sunshine Coast may access your account for administrative and other purposes, such as password resets and compliance with university policies governing this service.

This may require Microsoft to access and disclose to the University of the Sunshine Coast any information stored within the account.

Does Microsoft share or sell my contact information with third parties?

No, Microsoft don't share or sell any contact information unless you opt in. This is covered in Microsoft' comprehensive privacy and disclosure policies, which are available not only to Microsoft Office 365 participants but to all users of Microsoft's online services.

Refer to Microsoft's privacy policy for more details.

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