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Diversity at USC


The University of the Sunshine Coast is committed to creating a work and study environment which values the rich diversity of its staff and students, facilitates equitable access and full participation for those from disadvantaged backgrounds or who are under-represented, and in which all members of the University community take personal responsibility for working to eliminate discriminatory practices.

The Access and Diversity Unit is actively involved in the development of initiatives and resources which aim to raise awareness of social justice principles, underpinning USC's evolution as a diversity capable institution which supports its staff and students in their personal and professional development.

Across our campuses and study sites, the USC community is working together to create an inclusive culture which:

  • encourages universal student engagement
  • improves retention; and
  • enhances the overall quality of the student experience.

"Racism. It stops with me"

The University of the Sunshine Coast is a proud signatory to the Australian Human Rights Commission campaign "Racism. It stops with me". The campaign is part of the National Anti-Racism Strategy which encourages us all to work together by taking action against racism, in all its different forms. The campaign partnership between government and non-government agencies has been extended until 2017, and USC has pledged to continue its support for the initiative by maintaining a number of activities which demonstrate our commitment to stamping out racism on campus and in our wider community.

Some of the activities include:

  • displaying the campaign logo and associated information on our website
  • promoting the campaign through our communications
  • putting measures in place to make our organisation a more inclusive place for people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

USC has a long and proud history of working to make our organisation inclusive and free from racism. Ongoing work in this area includes:

  • NAIDOC Week activities coordinated by the Buranga Centre
  • Cultural awareness programs
  • Student Expectations and Responsibilities awareness-raising campaign
  • C-SALT's work on Indigenous Knowledge and the curriculum
  • An Indigenous Employment Strategy

All initiatives are underpinned by our Equity Policy which identifies our commitment to the principles of equity in employment and education, freedom from discrimination and from harassment of all forms. The policy is backed by the Cultural Diversity and Inclusive Practice (CDIP) toolkit which is designed to assist members of the University community to promote mutually respectful relationships and translate the University's policies and intentions into practice.

For more information about the campaign and access to resources go to "Racism. It stops with me". For more information about campus activities and how you can get involved contact Access and Diversity on Diversity@usc.edu.au.

USC Ally Network: 'Creating safe study and work spaces for LGBTIQ students and staff'

The USC Ally Network is a group of students and staff who have participated in training around working with people with sexual and gender diverse backgrounds and who may or may not identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex or Queer (LGBTIQ). The aim of the Ally Network is to advocate and support cultural change; build and support an advocacy network and help create a safe and inclusive and educational and work environment. More information about training workshops and resources can be found at USC Ally Network or contact Ally@usc.edu.au.

USC Diversity Week

"Together We Will Grow": August 22-26, 2016

In August 2016, we celebrate USC Diversity Week. Each year, this event unites the entire University community as we reflect upon how diversity impacts our daily lives, our work, our study and more broadly, our global village.

One of the highlights of the week this year is the announcement of the winners of the inaugural Vice Chancellor's Awards for Equity and Diversity. These prestigious awards recognise the outstanding contributions by University staff, students and alumni that have made a significantly positive change to the lives of others whilst enhancing the University's standing and reputation at a local, national and international level.

USC Diversity Week contributes richly to the University's strategic priorities around community engagement by inviting the wider community to participate in all aspects of the week-long celebration. It is also a valuable opportunity to showcase the University's achievements in the areas of diversity, social justice and inclusion, demonstrating our community's commitment to building a diversity capable campus.

For more information about Diversity Week and how you can get involved contact Diversity@usc.edu.au

Cultural Diversity Calendar

The Cultural Diversity Calendar is an online resource which acknowledges significant religious and spiritual dates for USC staff and students.

Cross Cultural Communication Workshops: "Working with Culturally Diverse Clients"

Workshop objectives:

  • Learn about yourself through learning about others
  • Remove invisible barriers that prevent honest and open dialogue
  • Build trust resulting in mutual understanding and co-operation
  • Motivate through self-reflection encouraging development and progress
  • Increase understanding, awareness and respect for people from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

These workshops are open to students and staff to attend and are held four times per year. Contact Diversity@usc.edu.au for more details.

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