Student Printing refund, reprint and credit guidelines

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Student Printing refund, reprint and credit guidelines


Responsible officer: Print Supervisor, Mail and Print Services
Last amended: February 2017
Related documentation: Mail and Print Services exchange or credit guidelines


Self-serve Student Printing facilities are available to USC students using a payment system in which students hold individual accounts accessible by their USC Student ID card and USC network credentials.

When students add credit to their Student Printing account, they are purchasing print credits upfront to spend on copying and printing at USC during their studies. The maximum credit load is $100.00.

Full refund of Student Printing account

A full refund of a Student Printing account will only be granted to students who have ceased their enrolment at USC, ie they no longer require access to copying and printing facilities.

Students must meet these criteria to be eligible for a full refund:

  • Account balance must be over $10.00.
  • Balance must belong to the student. Cost centre or SSAF credit cannot be claimed for refund.
  • Ceased enrolment at USC.
  • Go in person to Mail and Print Services to complete a Student Payment Claim form.


  • Approved refunds will be deposited into a nominated bank account and could take between 3-5 days to process.
    • No overseas transfers available.

Students will be advised at time of request, if their full refund is approved.

Reprint or credit to Student Printing account

Students must report copying/printing problems as soon as they occur to Student Printing Support so the problem can be resolved or investigated immediately.

Reprints are offered to students, in the following circumstances:

  • Dirty copies/prints due to machine issue
  • Machine jams, where student account is charged for incomplete copies
  • System/network errors, where student account is charged for incomplete copies

Reprints (at no additional cost) must be requested within 2 hours of the released print. If a student chooses to reprint their job, a credit may be applied to the student’s accounts.

Credits will not be made to students’ accounts in the following circumstances:

  • Student selects incorrect print properties, eg desires single sides but does not select single sided printing; desires colour prints but selects black/white etc.
  • Student document files are incomplete or corrupt.
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