Short-term travel grants terms and conditions

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Short-term travel grants terms and conditions


USC International provides a limited number of grants, each year, to allow undergraduate students to undertake a short term study overseas. All overseas study must be for credit towards a USC degree.

Grants are available to all students (both domestic and international) who are enrolled in a full degree at USC. Grants are available to assist with travel (air) and in-country living costs associated with the program. Grants cannot be used for insurance, passports, course / conference costs or other allied travel costs.

Students are expected to act as an Ambassador for USC while on overseas study programs and thus must abide by the universities Code on Conduct, and conduct themselves in a professional manner to the overseas organisations at all times.

Terms and conditions

  1. Grants are only available to enrolled undergraduate students (Degree and Honours)
    • Masters/PhD students must seek funding from their Faculty
  2. Students must be enrolled in a full undergraduate program at USC
  3. Students must have a minimum GPA of 4.5
  4. Students must be over 18 years of age
  5. Students may only receive one USCI funding (short term) during their program
  6. Students must gain credit for the study overseas component
    • Students must receive a minimum of, or the equivalent of, 12 units for their overseas study component.
  7. Applicants cannot undertake their study in a Host Location in which they hold dual citizenship or permanent residency; or in which they have previously been a citizen or permanent resident.
  1. Student overseas study must be approved by their Faculty prior to applying for funding
  2. USCI grants are limited and students are encouraged to seek Faculty / other funding a. Students undertaking professional/clinical placements will only be eligible for limited USCI funding. To be eligible for funding students need to provide proof of matching / greater funding from their Faculty.
  3. Students with other sources of funding, eg External grants (NCP, STMP), Faculty/staff research grants / conference support, will not be eligible for a USCI grant for the same overseas study component.
  4. Minimum and maximum funded study time applies. Min time overseas 21 days. Max time 12 weeks
  5. Funding will be at the rate of $500 (12units) to a Maximum funding of $2000 * (48units) * Professional / clinical placements funding will be to a maximum of $1500 for 48 units.
  6. Students must use the funding for which it is intended (airfares / in-country living)
Special conditions
  1. Students must not impact negatively on USC’s reputation or relationship with the overseas organisation.
  2. Student grants will be required to be repaid, in full, to the university if a student does not meet the conditions stated below.
  3. Students will not receive funding if they do not meet/agree to all the terms and conditions. Repayment of Student Grants Student grants are required to be repaid, in full, to the university if a student:
  • does not travel
  • uses the funds for costs other than airfares or in-country living costs
  • does not obtain credit for their overseas study component
  • does not abide by the Universities Code of Conduct and / or exhibits behaviour that is deemed by the external organisation and / or USC to impact negatively, on the universities standing or reputation with the partner organisation.
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