Study planning, development and infrastructure

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Study planning, development and infrastructure


Have you always wanted to change the world?

Choose a career where you can make a difference to the way we live

Planning, development and infrastructure professionals really do change the world. They're the people who create the places where we live and work and help to protect the environment.

From planning and economics, design and construction, environmental management, law and policy, this sector provides plenty of opportunity for you to build an exciting career that puts you at the frontline of the way in which our world is changing.

Employment opportunities

Careers in planning, development and infrastructure can be challenging and rewarding. With a rapidly increasing global population, the need for professionals in this field is growing and job opportunities in Australia are expected to rise by between 10% and 15% over the next four years*. That's tens of thousands of new jobs for planners, engineers, policy makers, environmental specialists and property experts.

*Source: Australian Government Department of Employment - Employment Outlook to November 2020

New in 2017 

Plan, design and build better places to live

Civil Engineering

Civil engineers take care of all the big stuff - dams, bridges, pipelines, roads, harbours, airports... all the infrastructure that goes into making our cities and towns livable. With a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) (Honours) you'll gain technical and design expertise and advanced project management skills. Complete the double degree, Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) (Honours) / Bachelor of Environmental Science and build your expertise in environmental management, planning and restoration, managed ecosystems and marine science.

Regional and Urban Planning

Regional and urban planners create our cities and towns, designing the spaces we live in and developing strategies for the use of land and resources.

With a Bachelor of Regional and Urban Planning (Honours) you'll learn how to manage urban growth and plan for sustainable development, infrastructure and services. Your career in the planning profession will enable you to plan and design better places for the next generation to live, work and play.

Understand and manage the impact we have on our environment

Environmental Management

Gain the interdisciplinary knowledge and practical skills you need for a career as an environmental manager with a Bachelor of Environmental Management. You’ll learn to minimise human impacts on the environment, manage resources sustainably, and conserve and restore habitats, biodiversity and ecosystem services. This program has a strong focus on tropical and subtropical environments and peri-urban areas.

Law and Environmental Management 

New in 2017 - If you have an interest in law and a passion for the environment, this dual program is for you. With a Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Environmental Management you'll prepare for a legal career that specialises in environmental issues such as land and water usage rights, government and corporate environment and sustainability policy, environment advocacy, regulations for use of resources and more.

Understand the economics of property development

Property Economics and Development

Property economics and development professionals are highly skilled in project management, property and asset management, facilities management, property investment analysis, property valuation, real estate sales and leasing. With a Bachelor of Property Economics and Development you'll gain a solid foundation in property-related business through courses in management, accounting, economics, and research methods.

Law, property economics and development

Gain a competitive edge by combining your legal skills and expertise with in-depth knowledge of the expanding property sector. With a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Property Economics and Development you'll develop specialist knowledge in valuation and analysis, town planning, portfolio management and asset and facilities management whilst you complete your law degree.

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