2016 schedule of fees

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2016 schedule of fees


The following fees apply to Australian citizens, Permanent Residents, New Zealand citizens, and holders of an Australian Permanent Humanitarian visa studying in 2016.

The following fees apply to all students.


  1. All fees are listed in Australian Dollars (A$).
  2. Tuition and other fees for international students can be found at USC International fees and costs.
  3. Refer also to the Student Fees and Charges Policy and Student Fees, Charges and Refunds Procedures.

Student Services and Amenities fee

The Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) will apply to all students * enrolled in a USC study period.

The maximum SSAF any student will pay in 2016 will be A$290.

All students * (except Higher Degree by Research students) will have SSAF charges based on the total enrolment load for the enrolment period as follows:

  • 6-unit course:   A$18.10
  • 12-unit course: A$36.25
  • 24-unit course: A$72.50
  • 48-unit course: A$145.00

For example, a student enrolled in 4 x 12 unit courses will pay A$145.00

Higher Degree by Research students will pay a flat SSAF charge:

  • Part time students pay A$72.50 per semester
  • Full time students pay A$145.00 per semester

* Students in the following categories will pay A$0 SSAF in 2016:

  • Tertiary Preparation Pathway (TPP)
  • Headstart Program or Integrated Learning Engineering Program
  • Cross institutional enrolments (where USC is the host institution)
  • Visiting students

International students will be charged the above SSAF amounts per course. For 2016, these costs have been included within the International Tuition Fee rates.

Australian Citizens and Permanent Humanitarian Visa holders will have the option to defer payment of their SSAF to a Commonwealth SA-HELP loan. Students not eligible for SA-HELP must pay the SSAF by the fee due date printed on their student invoice. Due dates are also included in academic calendars.

For more information, refer to the Student Services and Amenities Fee page.

Commonwealth supported student fees

If you accept a Commonwealth supported place you are a Commonwealth supported student. As a Commonwealth supported student you must make a contribution towards the cost of your education (unless you are enrolled in Enabling or Tertiary Preparation Pathway courses) with the majority of the cost met by the Commonwealth Government.

Eligible Commonwealth supported students (Australian Citizens and Permanent humanitarian visa holders) are able to borrow money through the Commonwealth Government loan scheme known as HECS-HELP. New Zealand citizens and permanent residents of Australia must pay fees by the fee due date printed on your student invoice. Fee due dates are also available on academic calendars.

Eligible Commonwealth supported students (Australian Citizens and Permanent humanitarian visa holders) can pay all or part of the student contribution up-front and receive a 10 per cent bonus for amounts paid of A$500 or more. **

** Subject to the passage of legislation currently in Parliament.

Student contributions are charged by the courses in which you enrol. Course charges will vary depending on the Student Contribution Band the course relates to. Student contribution bands are shown in course details available from undergraduate programs under the Study Plan tab. Make a note of the individual course code/s you are interested in and refer to the following (PDF) list of Commonwealth supported student contributions by course (PDF 383KB) ^

The following table estimates the cost of an Equivalent Full Time Study Load (EFTSL). One EFTSL is equivalent to one year full time study and this table assumes all courses studied fall within the same Student contribution fee band. The amounts per course represent a typical 12 unit course (units are shown in course details attached to individual program web pages on the Study Plan tab).


Student Contribution Band 2016 per EFTSL 2016 per course *
Band 1 Humanities, Behavioural Science, Social Studies, Clinical Psychology, Foreign Languages, Visual and Performing Arts A$6,256 A$782
Band 1 A Education and Nursing ** A$6,256 A$782
Band 2 Mathematics, Statistics, Computing, Built Environment, Health, Science, Engineering, Surveying, Agriculture A$8,917 A$1,114
Band 3 Law, Accounting, Administration, Economics, Commerce A$10,440 A$1,305

† EFTSL represents the Equivalent Full-time Student Load or one full-time year.

* Represents the student contribution per course based on a 12 unit course. Unit weighting for courses is shown in study plans on individual program pages.

** Students who commenced but did not complete their program as a Commonwealth supported student prior to 2010 may apply for transitional arrangements. If eligible for transitional arrangements students will be charged $625 (12 unit course fee) for any Band 1A courses in which they enrol.

Fee paying student fees

Domestic students who are unable to obtain a Commonwealth supported place will be charged full fees. Visiting students enrolled in individual course/s for either professional or personal development are also full fee paying students. Visiting students will not complete a program with USC and are classified as non-award students.

Eligible fee paying students (Australian citizens or holders of permanent humanitarian visas) are able to borrow money through the Commonwealth Government loan scheme known as FEE-HELP. A twenty five per cent (25%) loan fee applies to undergraduate students.

Refer to the Study Plan information under individual programs and make a note of the course code/s you are interested in. Review the course fee in the following list of Full Fee Paying tuition fees by course (PDF 389KB) ^ 

Honours fees

The student contribution band for honours is determined by the area of research undertaken.

Honours students are Commonwealth supported students. For more information on Commonwealth support refer to Commonwealth supported places.

Honours fees are available in the following list of Honours fees by course (PDF 43KB) ^

Enabling and Tertiary Preparation Pathway fees

Students studying Enabling or Tertiary Preparation Pathway (TPP) courses do not pay a student contribution. Enabling and TPP students are offered Commonwealth supported places however these courses are fee exempt.

Enabling programs are free of charge for Australian and New Zealand citizens and holders of a permanent resident visa enrolled on a fee-paying basis in a concurrent program.

International Enabling and TPP students should refer to International Student Fees for tuition information.

Headstart and ILPU fees

The University subsidises the tuition fees for domestic students† studying in USC's Headstart program or Integrated Learning Pathways (ILP). From 1 January 2016, commencing Headstart and ILP students will not be charged a course contribution fee for the first course they complete. Students continuing onto their second course are required to make an up front payment by the fee due date.

Category Commencing Student Fee Continuing Student Fee
Headstart A$0 per course A$400 per course
Integrated Learning Pathways A$0 per course A$400 per course

HECS-HELP loans are not available for Headstart or ILP fees.

Fees for non domestic students studying in USC's Headstart program or Integrated Learning Pathway (ILP) are:

Course Discipline Area Fee per 12 unit course
Law, Accounting, Administration, Economics and Commerce A$2,760
Humanities A$1,950

Mathematics, Statistics, Behavioural Science, Social Studies, Computing, Built Environment, Other Health, Nursing, Science, Surveying, Engineering and Agriculture

Education A$2,016
Clinical Psychology, Allied Health, Foreign Languages, Visual and Performing Arts A$2,280

† Domestic students include Australian Citizens, Permanent Residents of Australia and New Zealand Citizens.

Postgraduate coursework fees

All postgraduate coursework programs are subject to tuition fees unless the postgraduate program is offered under Commonwealth support arrangements. Individual postgraduate coursework program pages provide advice where the program is Commonwealth supported.

Eligible students (Australian citizens or permanent humanitarian visa holders) may seek assistance to defer payment via a FEE-HELP loan.

Postgraduate coursework fees are charged according to the Field of Education and unit weighting assigned to each course as per the table below.

Cluster Field of Education Fee per 12 unit course
1-3 Law, Accounting, Administration, Economics and Commerce A$2,760
1A Executive Master Business Administration (EMBA) A$3,450 A$1,725 *
2-1 Humanities A$1,950
3-1, 3-2 Mathematics, Statistics, Behavioural Science, Social Studies, Computing, Built Environment, Other Health A$2,220
4-1A Education A$2,016
5-1, 5-2 Clinical Psychology, Allied Health, Foreign Languages, Visual and Performing Arts A$2,280
6-1A Nursing A$2,160
7-2 Science, and Surveying A$2,160
  Engineering A$3,060
8-2, 8-3 Dentistry, Medicine, Vet Science and Agriculture A$2,160

* 6 unit course fee

To determine an individual course fee:

  1. Go to the postgraduate degree you are interested in
  2. Select the Study Plan tab
  3. Identify the course codes (course codes start with three characters followed by three numerics eg: ACC510)
  4. Refer to the list of Postgraduate fees by course (PDF 117KB) ^ and note the 2016 tuition fee relevant to that course

Note: Postgraduate coursework tuition fees are reviewed yearly.

International students should refer to International student fees for tuition information.

Higher Degree by Research fees

Research Training Scheme (RTS)

Domestic candidates (Australian citizens, New Zealand citizens and Australian permanent residents) are not required to pay tuition fees for the standard duration of their higher degree by research program. The Australian Government's Research Training Scheme covers the cost of higher degree by research training for these candidates.

Doctoral candidates are entitled to a maximum of four years full-time equivalent study, and Research Master candidates are entitled to a maximum two-years full-time equivalent study.

Candidates who do not complete their degree within the maximum RTS allowable completion times may be required to pay fees for any additional periods of enrolment.

Fee paying HDR student fees
Program 1.0 EFTSL † 0.5 EFTSL †
Masters by Research A$22,000 A$11,000
Doctorate A$22,000 A$11,000

† EFTSL stands for Equivalent Full-Time Student Load or one full-time year. To calculate the amount per course multiply the EFTSL value of the course by the appropriate 1.0 EFTSL amount above. 0.5 EFTSL is equivalent to one semester full time study.

You may be eligible for FEE-HELP to obtain a loan for paying your higher degree by research program fees.

Refer to the list of Fee Paying Research fees by course (PDF 33KB) ^ for rates for individual courses.

Cross Institutional fees

Undergraduate cross institutional students are referred to Commonwealth supported places information.

Postgraduate cross institutional students are referred to Fee paying student fees information.

Administrative and Miscellaneous fees

Description Amount
Official academic transcript–one transcript A$15
Official academic transcript–per additional transcript A$5
Dishonoured Payment fee A$25
Graduation–academic dress hire A$99
Graduation–purchase doctoral robes A$600
Airport Transfer (bus - international students) A$95
Change of Program - International undergraduate student   A$105
Late payment of tuition fee A$220
Late admission fee (under exceptional circumstances) A$100
International Student Payment Plan - administration charge for outstanding fees totalling $500 to $2000 A$75
International Student Payment Plan - administration charge for outstanding fees totalling more than $2000 A$150
Replacement access card A$10
Testamur replacement fee A$50
Testamur replacement fee–name changes A$100
Replacement AHEGS Statement A$30
Replacement AHEGS Statement–per additional copy A$10

^ For PDF documents you must have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded from the Adobe Download page.

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