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Adjunct and Visiting Appointments - Procedures

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Approval authority
Vice-Chancellor and President
Responsible officer
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
Designated officer
Director, Human Resources
First approved
8 December 2017
Last amended
11 December 2019
Review date
8 December 2022
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Please refer to the University’s Glossary of Terms for policies and procedures. Terms and definitions identified below are specific to these procedures and are critical to its effectiveness:

Adjunct Appointee is an individual who has significant links with representatives of industry, the professions and the wider community, other research establishments, or other Universities, or can be a retired staff member of this or another university, whose expertise and contribution will benefit the teaching and/or research, or other relevant activities of the University.

Visiting Appointee is a scholar who makes a substantial commitment to the teaching and/or research of this University. The appointee is normally an academic staff member of another university or research institution.

1. Purpose of procedures

These procedures support the appointment of Adjunct and Visiting appointees in accordance with the Adjunct and Visiting Appointments – Operational Policy.

Recommendations by the relevant Executive member are to be made to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) using the relevant form. Applicants will be required to submit a completed application form and provide a current curriculum vitae (CV). Applications must be accompanied by a written statement of support from the relevant member of Executive for consideration by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic).

Recommendations for appointment or renewal of appointment should include the following information:

  • Full name and title, current position and organisation (or immediately previous if retired)
  • A full curriculum vitae
  • Reasons for the proposed appointment
  • Justification of the level of appointment
  • Period of recommended appointment
  • Specific tasks or responsibilities to be undertaken by the appointee
  • Any recommendation of remuneration to be provided or expenses to be met

A pro forma recommendation form is available on MyUSC.

On approval, Human Resources will prepare a letter of offer for an appointee. The nominating Executive member will be notified once the offer has been accepted/declined.

2. Reimbursement of expenses

Reasonable expenses will be reimbursed where prior approval has been approved. Any costs will be met from the nominating work area.

3. Recordkeeping

All Adjunct and Visiting Appointees will be recorded centrally in Human Resources. All records must be captured by all staff, at every stage of this activity, and should provide reliable and accurate evidence of business decisions and actions. All records must be captured in an approved records management system, in accordance with the University’s Information and Records Management – Procedures.