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Organisational Unit Reviews - Operational Policy

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Approval authority
Vice-Chancellor and President
Responsible Executive member
Vice-Chancellor and President
Designated officer
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
First approved
3 December 2013
Last amended
7 June 2019
Review date
29 May 2024
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1. Purpose of policy   

This policy identifies the requirements for and the purpose, scope and nature of external cyclical reviews of organisational units at USC.

2. Policy scope and application

This policy applies to external reviews of designated organisational units of USC.

3. Definitions

Please refer to the University’s Glossary of Terms for policies and procedures. Terms and definitions identified below are specific to this policy and are critical to the effectiveness of it:

Organisational unit means the operational support areas of the University approved by the Vice-Chancellor and President for review.

Portfolio Manager means the Vice-Chancellor and President or the Deputy Vice-Chancellor or the Pro Vice-Chancellor to whom the Director of an organisational unit is responsible.

4. Policy Statement

4.1 Requirements for external organisational unit reviews

4.1.1 External reviews of organisational units as defined above are required at least every five years.

4.1.2 Each review will be undertaken by a panel appointed by the Portfolio Manager of the unit to be reviewed.

4.1.3 The review panel must comprise a majority of persons with no formal association with the relevant organisational unit or the University.

4.1.4 Each organisational unit review will be conducted in accordance with the latest version of the Organisational Unit Reviews Procedures associated with this policy.

4.2 Purposes, scope and nature of organisational unit reviews

4.2.1 External reviews of organisational units are intended to contribute to identification and implementation of changes, developments and improvements that could be made in relation to an organisational unit in order to strengthen its effectiveness.

4.2.2 There are no standard terms of reference for these reviews, however, it is expected that they would at a minimum require the review panel to undertake an evidence-based evaluation of the extent to which, and the effectiveness of the means by which:

(i) a unit’s operations and outcomes contribute to achievement of the University’s strategic priorities and objectives;

(ii) a unit’s practices and processes are consistent with higher education sector norms and expectations;

(iii) a unit contributes to the University’s ongoing compliance with relevant legislation.

4.2.3 The review panel will provide independent advice and recommendations through evaluation of evidence provided in a review portfolio and through site visit interviews, to assist each unit and the University in identifying:

(i) the unit’s strengths, good practices, positive outcomes and productive improvements in performance in recent years, and ongoing compliance with relevant legislation; and

(ii) areas in which the unit’s practices, performance, and outcomes should be enhanced or improved, including in relation to comparable practices, performance and outcomes elsewhere, approaches to assuring and improving quality, and maintaining compliance with relevant legislation.

4.2.4 Each review will result in an organisational unit developing a response and action plan to the review findings, and providing progress reports on implementation of the plan, consistent with the Organisational Unit Review Procedures associated with this policy.

5. Authorities/Responsibilities

The following authorities are delegated under this policy:

Activity University Officer
  Approve procedures associated with this policy   Vice-Chancellor and President
  Approve terms of reference for review   Deputy Vice-Chancellor or Pro Vice-Chancellor responsible for the division
  Appoint members of panel for each review   Deputy Vice-Chancellor or Pro Vice-Chancellor responsible for the division