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Secondment Guidelines

Designated Officer: Director, Human Resources
Date: October 2009


A secondment is the temporary transfer of a staff member to another position within the University, at the same or a higher classification, on a full-time or fractional basis, and for a period of not normally more than twelve months.

A secondment can be beneficial to both the individual staff member and the University. For the staff member, a secondment provides opportunities to further develop knowledge and skills and broaden experience within the University, and ultimately, for career development. For the University, secondments can provide opportunities for optimal staff deployment, the exchange of information and ideas, and the enhancement of intra-organisational relationships.


Deans and Directors can appoint an existing staff member from within their work area directly to a vacant position on a temporary basis (normally up to 12 months) without advertising the position through internal recruitment processes. Secondments must be made in a fair and equitable manner.
When a secondment opportunity is not filled by direct secondment of an existing staff member from within a work area, the vacancy will be advertised as a secondment opportunity on the University’s website.

Interested staff members should discuss secondment opportunities with their supervisor in the first instance. Whilst having regard for workforce planning considerations, supervisors are encouraged to support a staff member who is seeking to broaden their knowledge, skills and experience through a secondment.

Period of secondment

A secondment is normally for a period of up to 12 months.

Where extenuating circumstances apply, a secondment may be extended beyond 12 months, for a maximum additional 12 month period, with the consent of the Dean or Director where the staff member holds a substantive position, the Dean or Director who holds the seconded position and the Director, HR.

Arrangements for secondments are to be made by agreement between the Deans or Directors of the relevant work areas and the staff member concerned. This consent must include agreement that at the end of the secondment period the staff member will return to their substantive position or to another agreed position.

A Staff Appointment form must be completed for all secondments.


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