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Disability Access and Inclusion: USC’s Action Plan 2021-2024

USC greatly appreciates the feedback received from our students and staff during the development of the new Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (formally Disability Action Plan). This has been invaluable in informing our development and preparation of the new Plan. We invite you to read the following overview of the Plan, including the new goal, key focus areas and the planned outcomes.

Further consultation will be taking place with the release of the full Plan scheduled for the first quarter of 2021.


The Disability Access and Inclusion Plan seeks to fulfil its goal to recognise the potential, contribution, and dignity of the USC disability community, and work on eliminating institutional, systemic, and other barriers within the university. We will develop a culture at USC based on inclusion, belonging and equitable engagement that ensures we can thrive and flourish.


The Plan is guided by our Strategic Plan and the Diversity and Inclusion Plan to ensure we are consistently articulating and meeting our commitment to equity, access and inclusion for people with disability. This Plan will guide our actions in coming years and is strongly led and influenced by principles of universal design. The student co-design group and those with lived experience of disability have been key stakeholders, contributors, and reviewers in developing the Plan, and will continue to be influential.

The Plan will ensure positive outcomes for students, staff, and our community, particularly in employability, research, and representation across levels of the institution. The Plan is influenced by the strong institutional commitment to disability access and inclusion but will also be owned and known by everyone at USC. To remain responsive and contemporary, the Plan will undergo regular review with a strong focus on the implementation and reporting mechanisms. The Plan will also be revised as necessary to ensure consistency with the Diversity and Inclusion Plan, as well as the revised Strategic Plan, which will influence the development further outcomes and actions.

Plan Outcomes

The outcomes stated in this plan will guide the actions USC takes. Each outcome area and subsequential actions align to one or more of the imperatives outlined in USC’s Strategic Plan.

Outcome 1: USC will maintain recognition as a provider of choice for students. It will do so by applying the student lifecycle model, developing strategies and procedures for recruitment and outreach, student life, and employability. USC will ensure high quality teaching, learning and graduate outcomes.

Outcome 2: USC will partner with all research programs to encourage growth of USC’s disability community’s presence, and to maintain awareness of disability issues.

Outcome 3: USC will design and implement strategies and procedures to ensure accessibility and inclusion across all campuses.

Outcome 4: USC will maintain recognition as an employer of choice. It will do so by developing strategies and procedures to offer all staff employment and professional development opportunities in an inclusive and accessible environment.

Outcome 5: USC will present leadership to the wider community by developing, implementing and continually improving an accessible and inclusive university community.

Outcome 6: USC will be persistent in maintaining solid relationships with the wider community.

If you have any questions, please email DAIP@usc.edu.au