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Information Management Services

The USC vision for information management is a culture where information is created, managed, used and shared effectively to advance the University’s strategic priorities. Achieving this vision will enable effective: planning and decision making; performance management; information creation and collaboration; information discovery, access and distribution; information quality and integrity; regulatory compliance; and communication within the University and between the University and its stakeholders.

Information Management Services is responsible for the delivery of the following services to USC:

  • Information management​
  • Records management
  • Staff intranet on MyUSC (login required).
  • Information governance
  • Delivery of the USC Information Management Strategy

The information management vision is supported by the following principles which are designed to guide decision-making, policy development and projects across the University:

  • the University will manage its information resources as valuable assets
  • the University’s information management initiatives and investments align with and support its strategic priorities
  • the University’s information initiatives are suitably resourced, planned and implemented to leverage existing infrastructure/systems where possible
  • the University’s information is easy to find, access and use
  • the University’s information is created, collected and organised in a manner that ensures its integrity, quality and security
  • the University’s information is managed in accordance with internal policy and external regulatory requirements
  • the University’s information management roles and responsibilities are clearly defined

An updated Information Management Strategy is currently in development.

The Information Management Framework - Governing Policy and related Information and Records Management - Procedures outline the framework for information management within the University, and the related authorities and responsibilities of staff.

Additional resources are available for USC staff on MyUSC (login required). Contact Information Management Services


​The Information Management Committee provides leadership, direction and strategic advice on the planning and delivery of the Information Management Strategy and Implementation Plans in alignment with USC’s planning framework, including the Enterprise Architecture IT Master Plan.

University of the Sunshine Coast staff can view further information on information management governance on MyUSC (login required).

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