Strategic Information and Analysis Unit - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Strategic Information and Analysis Unit

The Strategic Information and Analysis Unit (SIAU) provides information and analysis to assist the University in decision making, future planning and satisfying legislative requirements to achieve its strategic goals and objectives. The SIAU undertakes the following activities:

  • Collection, analysis and reporting of core performance data relating to the University's Strategic Plan (refer to Planning and Reporting Framework - Governing Policy
  • Production and analysis of official student statistics relating to:
    • admissions
    • offers
    • load
    • enrolments
    • equity groups
    • attrition
    • progress
    • graduates (completions and conferrals)
  • Development and production of the comprehensive model for student load projection and associated income
  • Management and development of the University's Enterprise Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence solution
  • Coordination of legislative and statutory reporting requirements relating to students
  • Provision of data and analysis, including comparative institutional performance, consistent with the University’s Quality System to support evidence-based strategic decision making processes and future planning
  • Development, coordination and analysis of student feedback obtained through:
  • Management of the Student Survey - Operational Policy
  • Response to ad-hoc queries regarding student information.

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