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Voice for Actors, Public Speakers and Presenters

Free your voice!

Would you like more vocal confidence? Do you desire greater vocal power, expressiveness, and clarity? Do you suffer from vocal strain or fatigue? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then this workshop series is for you!

In this online workshop you will learn techniques to warm up, care for and develop your voice. Detailed learning resources will be provided for you to continue your vocal development.

The course is taught via six 2-hour Zoom workshops and activities are based in Kristin Linklater’s voice techniques as articulated in her book Freeing the Natural Voice. The principle behind these techniques is that our voices can be freed through a process of releasing habitual tensions and re-connecting with our expressive impulses.

The workshop is suitable for actors, teachers or public speakers and will develop:

  • Postural alignment for effective voice production
  • Vocal power (without strain) for audibility
  • Clarity of articulation
  • Resonance for richness of vocal tone and carrying power of the voice.
Workshop 1: Introduction, Posture and Breath
  • The philosophy behind this vocal approach
  • The anatomy of the spine
  • Postural alignment
  • The anatomy of the breathing musculature
  • Connection to breath
Workshop 2: Connecting to resonance

When speaking, breath passes through the vocal cords then reverberates through the body creating sound vibrations or resonance. In this workshop we will explore how centering the breath and releasing habitual tensions can enhance resonance towards vocal efficiency and the amplification of sound.

Workshop 3: Freeing the ‘channel’

Sound vibrations are often restricted by excess tension in the jaw and tongue, and an under-exercised soft palate. Kristin Linklater refers to these three elements as the ‘channel’. This workshop will explore:  

  • The anatomy of the jaw, tongue, and soft palate
  • Exercises to release tension in the jaw and tongue
  • Exercises to develop the soft palate muscles towards greater vocal expressivity
Workshop 4: Developing resonance and range 

This workshop will build on workshop 2 to develop resonance and range through:

  • Connecting with the chest resonator
  • Developing breath capacity
  • Exploring resonators in the body through Kristin Linklater’s ‘vowel resonance ladder’ to enhance vocal range and expressivity
Workshop 5: Developing articulation 

According to Kristin Linklater, clarity of articulation begins with clarity of thought. This workshop will explore the power of visual imagery and imagination in relation to articulation. Tongue Twisters will be explored in this workshop to develop agility and precision of tongue placement. This exploration of articulation will focus on communicating the meaning and images within a text.

Workshop 6: Vocal care and bringing the elements together 
  • Integrating course content into a vocal warm-up
  • Tips for vocal care
  • Developing a personal vocal practice.
Online via Zoom

Workshop 1: TBA

Workshop 2: TBA

Workshop 3: TBA

Workshop 4: TBA

Workshop 5: TBA

Workshop 6: TBA

Register your place

Register for the this series (six workshops): $295 (GST exempt).

New course dates TBD. Please register your interest by sending an email to devhub@usc.edu.au.

Jo Loth

Meet the presenter

Jo is an award-winning performance maker and educator, and Lecturer in Theatre and Performance at USC. She has performed nationally and internationally as an actor and cabaret singer. Career highlights include performances for: Tadashi Suzuki’s Theatre Festivals in Japan; The Brisbane Cabaret Festival; The Brisbane Festival and The Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Voice training includes study in Linklater Voice with Kristin Linklater (Scotland) and Rob Pensalfini (Brisbane). She has PhD in cabaret performance, an Associate of the Trinity College, London in Speech and Drama and is currently on the path to becoming a Designated Linklater teacher.

(Photo by Tricia King)

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Feedback from previous participants 

"Jo's voice teaching balances the technical, theoretical, personal and practical, so that by the end of each session I had both a lived experience of the benefits of this training, as well as a lot of food for thought. I found Jo's teaching style very accessible. I felt heard on a personal level as well as professional. I have been able to take away some of the concepts to try out with my own theatre students. I look forward to further study with Jo." (Artistic Director, Inside-Out Circus and Physical Theatre, New Zealand)

"Jo has a wealth of experience in voice, movement and acting. She is flexible and willing to adapt to suit her student’s needs. I feel that Jo’s training has prepared me for an industry that requires flexibility, attention to detail and actors with a deep connection to voice and body." (Actor and USC alumni)

"Jo Loth is a passionate and inspired teacher. Her Linklater inspired vocal work is absolutely life-changing and super relevant, particularly for learning Shakespeare." (USC Student)