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Making shiFt happen - virtual conference


Making shiFt happen — a 36-hour, Zoom-powered, innovative, non-traditional, transdisciplinary virtual exchange and (un)conference for female academics around the globe. A place for conversation, care, contribution, connection, collaboration, creativity, community and change.

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Ruth Behar
Meet our presenters

Meet our presenters

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FAQs about Making shiFt happen

What's shiFt about?

  1. a new beginning
  2. to create, to transform, to transport, to delight
  3. to take care of oneself-and others, to flourish, and engage in slow scholarship
  4. promoting ideas, sharing stories, finding connection, collaboration and friendship
  5. a modifier key: creating meaning together, supporting and celebrating each other,
    lifting each other up
  6. like [the pleasure of wearing] a loose-fitting garment — finding liberating and enabling ways to wear an academic life
  7. activating personal/professional alchemy, kindness, movement and change in the academy

We're offering a limited number of bursaries for HDR, ECR and sessional academics. All you need to do is to email us at and explain in 100 words why you're eager to attend this virtual conference and what you hope to gain from the experience. Bursaries will cover the full registration cost.


So how does this virtual conference and exchange work?

The conference is 36 hours in length, but not all of this will be tightly ‘programmed’. Don’t worry, the conference has a slow pace, with all the programmed aspects starting on the hour and located in a two-hour leisurely block. There will be time for you to relax, eat, sleep and go to the bathroom without missing out on anything! (A full program with a time zone converter will be provided closer to the conference start).

All the content will be available to everyone who registers. The webinar session recordings may not be available immediately but they will be accessible from the website in the days following the live events. No matter what time zone you’re in, you’ll be able to participate and make shiFt happen!

Session types

Keynote presentations and Panel discussions

These can be watched and participated in as they happen. Questions from the audience can be sent via chat or Twitter and will be asked by the moderator. They will also be recorded and available for playback from the conference website.

Curated conversations

These conversations will take place in a zoom room meeting space where you can engage with other women to discuss key topics, scenarios, questions, and ideas related to the conference themes. There will be a moderator present who will offer provocations and stimulus materials to lead discussion (eg pre-recorded scenarios or anecdotes of experience) to which you can respond and share your own experiences and strategies. These might lead to collaborative writing, projects and resource creation in smaller groups.


Create your own adventure

You can engage in exploration of the many wonderful resources we have gathered at any time during the conference (and afterwards). There are also dedicated “Create your own adventure” timeslots where you can connect with others in zoom rooms for informal conversations – the kind that you’d have over a coffee at a face-to-face conference. These conversations won’t be recorded. We'll also have a "Soapbox" where participants can have the floor to share a song, slam-poetry, or just express an opinion about something relevant to the conference themes. You might like to connect with others in the social hub via Twitter and Facebook. We also have a book pantry, an inspiration gallery and a whole lot of community connections for you to investigate.

If you have any questions about the conference, the technology required, who it's for, or how it works, check out our FAQs page.

Conference team

Ali Black
Dr Ali Black
Program Coordinator, Early Childhood Education
Rachael Dwyer
Dr Rachael Dwyer
Lecturer in Curriculum and Pedagogy