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Frequently asked questions

Do I have to stay up all night to participate in shiFt?

No, you don't :) 

All of the keynotes and panels will be recorded and uploaded onto the conference website, for playback at a later time. This won’t be available immediately as there is some processing time, but should be available on the same day in most cases. These will be available for some time afterwards, so you’ll be able to access the main presentation sessions when it’s convenient for you.

There are some video discussion sessions that will only be available live, as well as some asynchronous discussions on closed social media groups.

The full timetable is now available here, in a range of timezones.

Wherever you are in the world, and whatever your availability is, you'll be able to participate!

Is shiFt only for women?

MAKING shiFt HAPPEN is focused on creating safe and caring spaces for women * academics of all career stages to share their stories of experience, to hear and respond to the stories of other women, and join together in supporting one another.

* Following AdaCamp and Geek Feminism, we use an inclusive definition of ‘woman’ and ‘female’, and welcome trans-women, genderqueer women, and non-binary people.

What’s Zoom?

Zoom is a video conferencing tool, similar to Skype. You download the zoom app on your device, check your sound and video, and you are ready to roll. We’ll be using 2 different Zoom tools within the conference – Webinar Rooms and Meeting Rooms. Our Main Stage webinars can be watched and participated in as they happen and are recorded to support your playback later. In a webinar, only the presenters or presenter panel are seen and they do most of the speaking. The audience mainly listens. In the webinar room, you can also ask questions to presenters using the Q&A tool (we will send you a tip sheet, and the conference moderator will follow the questions you are asking), and you can also use the chat bar to chat with the whole group.

For the more interactive and discussion-based sessions, we’ll use Zoom Meeting rooms. In a Zoom Meeting room, everyone with camera and audio turned on will be able to speak and to see others in the meeting. We’ll have some protocols in place to maximise sound quality and to ensure everyone who wants to speak gets a chance to be heard. You can also use the chat bar to chat with the whole group and you can message individuals privately. The conversations in the Curated Conversations zoom meeting room will be recorded. Conversations in the Campfire meeting room and the Pop-up Podium meeting room won’t be.

All of the webinars and meetings will have links that are on the conference website. Once you’re set up to use Zoom, all you’ll need to do is click a link to join the session.

There are lots of great resources provided by Zoom to help you become familiar with how it works. You can test your audio and video here, or read about how to join a webinar, join a meeting or look at the whole range of video tutorials.

Still have questions?

Please email us! We look forward to hearing from you.