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The aim of the conference is to encourage openness of discussion and sharing of stories, and to facilitate connection, interaction, conversation and meaning-making. We encourage you to spend lots of time in Conversational Central during the 36 hours.

From this page there are a range of facilitated and self-directed ways to connect. In our Zoom Meeting Rooms, you can experience guided conversations via Curated Conversations, share and celebrate your projects in the Pop-Up Podium, and enjoy informal conversations around the Campfire. We also have a Social Hub with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram so you can continue conversations outside of the conference website and into the future.

Please engage with these guidelines so that you are intentionally using the technology to create safe and supportive environments and responding to ethical considerations. Remember Chatham House Rule when sharing during the conference or when recounting any of the stories you encounter.

Social hub
Links to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
Informal talking circle